[Recommended]Assignment One

Assignment One 1. Assignment 1: Position Statement Paper (20%). This short paper (APA Style 6th Ed., 5-7 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman or Calibri…

Assignment One
1. Assignment 1: Position Statement Paper (20%). This short paper (APA Style 6th Ed., 5-7 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman or Calibri font, 12 point font size, 1 inch margins) should provide a clear, reasoned argument for a position on a current Social Work practice health policy issue or dilemma, while also demonstrating your awareness and understanding of other positions and understandings of the problem (see “Getting Started” on next page). This paper should have the following elements:
elements in order of appearance in paper*
examples of evaluative criteria to be used for grading
Executive summary
· Background of the issue or dilemma
· Description of the social dilemma
· Outcomes of earlier efforts to address the dilemma
· Are recommendations highlighted?
· Are all the important terms clearly defined?
· Are all appropriate dimensions described?
· Are prior efforts clearly assessed?
Scope and severity of the problem
· Assessment of past policy efforts
· Significance of the conflict
· Need for analysis
· Why is the social conflict important?
· What are the major assumptions and questions to be considered?
Issue statement
· Definition of the issue
· Major stakeholders
· Goals and objectives
· Measures of effectiveness
· Potential solutions or new understandings
· Is the issue clearly stated?
· Are all major stakeholders identified?
· Is the approach to analysis clearly specified?
· Are goals and objectives clearly specified?
· Are major value conflicts identified?
Policy alternatives
· Description of alternatives
· Comparison of future outcomes
· Externalities
· Constraints and political feasibility
· Are alternatives compared in terms of costs and effectiveness?
· Are alternatives systematically compared in terms of political feasibility?
Policy recommendations
· Criteria for recommending alternatives
· Descriptions of preferred alternative(s)
· Outline of implementation strategy
· Limitations and possible unanticipated outcomes
· Are all relevant criteria clearly specified?
· Is a strategy for implementation specified?
· Are there adequate provisions for monitoring and evaluating policies, particularly unintended consequences?
· Is APA style followed for the references?
· Are the Appendices relevant to the paper?
(*Adapted from Dunn, 1994, with material from Rist, 1994; Roe, 1994; and Schon, 1993)
Getting Started: Developing a policy issue or dilemma for Assignment 1
Option 1. Interview
Conduct an interview with an anonymous relative, acquaintance, or client. Someone who is at least 65 years old and/or someone who has a disability or at least one chronic disease would be ideal. Ask them the following questions and summarize their answers. This method may help you to illustrate how policies (Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and VA, or other policies) impact the health of vulnerable people and bring the issue to the level of someone impacted by the policy.
§ How old is the person, and what health problems or health care access challenges do they have?
§ Do they have health insurance, and if so how do they pay for their health insurance?
How much money do they have to spend, during an average month, for out of pocket health related costs, including co-pays, prescription drugs, over the counter medications/supplies.
Are they able to afford all the prescription medications they need? If not, how do they manage?
Are there other living expenses that pose a problem (rent, food, heat, air, electricity)? If so describe the concern and it impacts their health.
Was there a time in their lives when they had different health insurance coverage? If so, was the coverage better or worse than their current coverage? Have them give a description of the coverage.
What problems do they experience in the current healthcare system? How would they recommend that the healthcare system be changed?
§ Describe a medical emergency or serious illness that occurred in their lives, describe the condition or health issue, any challenges that resulted, and how the cost was paid for by the individual.
Option 2. Choose 1 of 3 Case Studies, which is attached below
“In Freddie Gray’s Baltimore”
“The Hot Spotters”
“When Getting a Blood Pressure Cuff Takes All Day”
NOTE: You may choose either Option 1 or 2, or you may blend the 2 Options by combining 1 case study that relates with your interview; whichever choice you believe makes a stronger paper.
Please choose a Policy Issue by Friday 01/26/18 and make me aware, but the paper is not due until February 10, 2018

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