[Solution]Rhetoric of Race, Class, and Gender in Houston

End product You will submit this project on-line for assessment. If you have concerns about your on-line access and functions, please contact LSC OTS Support.…

End product

You will submit this project on-line for assessment. If you have concerns about your on-line access and functions, please contact LSC OTS Support.
Only documents in MS Word (.doc and .docx) are accepted. Do not submit text (.txt), Works (.wps), or PDF file formats.

Assignment and Standards

Use the writing process (invention/pre-writing, composing, revising, editing, and publishing) as you work on this assignment
This essay should followthe standard form of an academic essay.

Introduction and thesis
Body paragraphs that support the thesis; all writing should be detailed without being wordy
Conclusion paragraph
Standard Written English sentence structures, punctuation, spelling, and all other mechanics. Use academic tone. Note, however, that vernacular dialects are sometimes appropriate, depending on your audience and your rhetorical purpose.
MLA 8 format and documentation.

You will write a FOCUSED ANALYSIS ON RACE, GENDER, OR CLASS IN YOUR PROJECT USING ONE OF THE THREE THEORIES DISCUSSED IN CLASS. IN YOUR INTRODUCTION, YOU WILL USE A HOOK, BACKGROUND, AND THESIS TO DISCUSS YOUR PROJECT, INTRODUCE THE THEORY AND THE AUTHOR, AND MAKE A CLAIM ABOUT ONE SOCIAL CONSTRUCT IN YOUR PROJECT, USING THE THEORY AS YOUR LENS (THIS IS YOUR THESIS). In each paragraph, you will develop the thesis with paragraph claims, using your source (your theoretical lens: Davis, Marx, or Hooks) and your primary research and observations to support your claims and elaborate on your claims. Therefore, in each paragraph, you will make a claim, use the theory to explain, elaborate, and support the claim, and then use your primary research and observations to further support the claim and explain. There should be synthesis between your own observations and the source you are using (putting the two together to understand, inquire, and make meaning). End each paragraph with your conclusion for the paragraph. Write a conclusion summarizing your findings and underscoring the thesis.
Remember that your project is still the same: an argument about the rhetoric of race, class, or gender in Lone Star College or Houston by exploring one particular sector in depth. For example, an exploration of housing, gentrification, local pollution, access to education or healthcare, or employment could yield an analysis of class (or race or gender). More specifically, you could analyze in depth the taco trucks in Houston, the gentrification of historically Black neighborhoods, the most marginalized jobs in Houston and the conditions of the workers, the uneven education in public schools in Houston, racial tensions and history of tensions as gleaned from public history and documents, people who have gone to prison or are currently in prison, or the lives of people living in the most polluted corridors of Houston. At Lone Star College, an investigation into where different ethnicities of students hang out, what their experiences are, and how much they can access resources will give you an analysis of access/structures in terms of race.
Paper 2: In this paper, you will use both primary and a secondary source for analysis.
(800-1000 words) 800 words minimum TO RECEIVE A GRADE.
Use MLA format and documentation. Edit thoroughly, as your grade will be based on responding to the assignment, writing with a good thesis and developed paragraphs, using theory successfully to inquire into your project and make analytical claims, sentence mechanics and spelling, and MLA formatting and documentation.
Please review MLA format and documentation on the library’s webpage.

The post Rhetoric of Race, Class, and Gender in Houston

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