[Recommended]1pg Paper (Single Spaced)- Need In 2 Hours !!

1pg Paper (Single Spaced)- Need In 2 Hours !! 1pg paper single spaced. I need in 2 hours. Please to not agree if you cannot…

1pg Paper (Single Spaced)- Need In 2 Hours !!
1pg paper single spaced. I need in 2 hours. Please to not agree if you cannot do it in the timeframe.
Question #3 on page 589 is great for beginning to frame some of the issues related to environmental regulations and responsible business practices. Consider the situation in our Aguinda v. Texaco case where Texaco was largely left to determine their own level of environmental responsibility due to only four lines in the contract addressing environmental responsibilities and no government agencies to monitor. What responsibilities do you have in making the choice of where you manufacture and how you operate with regards to the environment? How do you think environmental issues should be handled globally? Do you think the prospects for international regulation of the environment is a reality? These questions are just a starting point for a response/reaction to environmental standards and responsibilities internationally. You may feel free to make your own policy statement or express your concerns with regards to the environment. I’m going to leave this open to an extent, but I want to see depth of thought and expression (this does not mean a 20 page manifesto) with regards to issues presented. Must be 1 page sinle spaced
International Business Law
Question 3- If a U.S. company is presented with the opportunity to build a plant in a former communist country with less stringent laws on carbon dioxide emissions, what factors should it take into consideration before proceeding with the project? To what extent should it consider the long- term investment interest of the company’s shareholders? Are any other issues relevant to management’s consideration? Would the company’s president, who bypassed this low-risk opportunity to realize profit for the shareholders because of personal political views, have fulfilled management’s fiduciary obligations to the shareholders?

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