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PUBLIC HEALTH Dr. Gwendolyn Norman, Winter 2018 Public Health Careers Writing Assignment PH2100-005 Due March 26, 2018  Complete the readings in Chapters 9, 10…

Dr. Gwendolyn Norman, Winter 2018
Public Health Careers Writing Assignment
Due March 26, 2018
 Complete the readings in Chapters 9, 10 and 11 regarding health careers and institutions.
 Select 5 current postings for jobs in Public Health from 5 different sites. Ideally, you should select jobs that YOU find appealing.
 Be creative in your search. Postings may be from universities, local or state health departments, other local or state agencies, federal agencies, media jobs (print, radio, tv,
etc.), hospitals and health care systems, NGOs, global/international organizations and
 In your paper, will cite the sources and URL link, describe the title of the role, employer, job responsibilities, what aspects of the core functions and 10 essential services this role
encompasses, salary, and the appeal (and perhaps drawbacks) of this particular job.
Wayne State University: FACULTY-Rank to be determined https://jobs.wayne.edu/applicants/jsp/shared/position/JobDetails_css.jsp?postingId=533746 This is a full time faculty position in the School of Medicine, in the department of Family Medicine. The job description is as follows: Demonstrate excellence in teaching, service and scholarly productivity. Tremendous and persistent disparities exist in relation to race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status. Cumulative exposures and experiences across the life course are intertwined with biological, social, and cultural determinants of health. Faculty are expected to have a focus on health equity and disparities in the health of populations across the life course. This may include work across a wide range of health problems (e.g. adverse birth outcomes, cardiovascular, diabetes, mental health, asthma, cancer) across the life span. Annual teaching will include courses in public health for the graduate and/or undergraduate programs in public health. Conduct independent and collaborative research; demonstrate the ability to complete effectively for extramural research funding.
There is no salary listed, but the posting does indicate that this is a tenure track position, that includes
research, education and service. The core function this role fulfills is assurance. In particular, the essential service under this core is that it ensures “the provision of competent public and personal
healthcare workforce” (riegelman, 2015). In addition, this fulfills the tenth essential service, which falls
under all three core functions. There is a requirement for research in this role and as an essential service, “it provides for new insight and new innovative solutions to health problems” (riegelman, 2015).
This role is appealing because it combines classroom instruction, the time and opportunity to obtain funding to conduct critically needed research, and the opportunity to do service work as well.

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