[Solution]Gun Control – Strict Gun laws would no effect on gun violence

Gun Control – (Claim – Strict gun control laws have no effect reducing gun violence.) (Counter Claim – Strict gun control laws do have a…

Gun Control – (Claim – Strict gun control laws have no effect reducing gun violence.) (Counter Claim – Strict gun control laws do have a real effect reducing gun violence.) This is a midterm paper and my professor is a stickler for detail. I apologize for the difficulty. I will include the instructions he emailed the class. I am pro gun, so I would prefer pro gun but if not, I can deal with it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime by email or you can text me at (304) 288 – 3909 Guidelines for argumentative essay: 1) Your midterm essay should be 5 full pages in length, a couple lines on page 6 is fine. 2) You need at least 8 sources in your text, matched up on the Works Cited page. 3) At least 1 source should be from a print source periodical(magazine, journal, newspaper). 4) At least one source should be from a print source book. 5) Be sure to state your claim in your introduction, and reinforce in the conclusion. For organizing and writing the body of the paper, follow these 5 basic steps at least: Introduction including claim and Methodology; Support for argument using Evidence: facts, statistics, examples, expert opinions; Presentation of detailed counter arguments; Refutation of counter arguments; Substantial Conclusion. 6) Follow the format of the sample essay on pages 735-741 of Patterns. The essay format and guidelines are also in the Purdue Owl website. This might be a better sample to use https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/13/ since it has better in-text documentation to match Works Cited. This includes: every line should be double spaced, The size of your font should be 12 only, 1 inch margins on all sides, header on top left of page 1 only with name, my name, English 1108, and the date. This should be followed by the title of the essay, centered. All subsequent pages should have your name and the page number in the top right hand corner, just as in the sample essay. 7) The Works Cited page is a separate page, after the essay. Again, follow MLA Format. You must include URLs at the end of citations for all web sources!!! 8) You should have a rough draft ready for peer review by 3/8. You will include an annotated bibliography in your rough draft which includes everything in your Works Cited, as well as at least 5 essays on each side of your argument (there may be some that are in both). These only need to be in the bibliography once. Both the rough draft, and Annotated Bibliography will be turned in with your final mid term version. 9) Your midterm argument is a finished argument with intro, body, and conclusion. You will enhance this argument to 11 or 12 pages for your final version at end of semester. Grading Summary for your Argument: 200 points total: * Your voice- up to 50 points off for lack of * No argument- 25-50 points * No counter argument- 25-50 points * No refutation of counter argument- 25-50 points * No annotated bibliography between Works Cited and rough draft: -25 points (Separate grade) * Grammar/Mechanics- 1 point per error (any use of you/your 2nd person included as 1 point deduction per!!) * In text citations- 1 point per error * No or insufficient conclusion- 10 points * Works Cited page errors- 2 points per error * No peer-reviewed rough draft- 5 point deduction * Improper or no citations or Works Cited page- NO GRADE! You must redo the citations or Works Cited page in order to get better than a 118/200 final score!

The post Gun Control – Strict Gun laws would no effect on gun violence

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