[Solution]What are Public Service Announcements (PSA)?

What are Public Service Announcements (PSA)? A PSA is a message designed to change public attitudes about a specific issue by raising awareness about the…

What are Public Service Announcements (PSA)?
A PSA is a message designed to change public attitudes about a specific issue by
raising awareness about the issue. PSAs are often delivered on t.v, or radio as an
advertisement, but can also be delivered in a different format, such as a brochure or
What are characteristics of PSAs?
• Are short
• Present one single issue
• Inform the viewer of key, relevant facts
• Have a clear call to action
• Aim to have a lasting impact
• Encourage change
What is the purpose of this assignment?
The purpose of this assignment is to design a PSA on a particular social issue or
problem that relates to food and society. The purpose of the PSA will be to bring
awareness to this issue and suggest courses of action.
You many choose your own social issue/problem to focus on as long as you can
explain how and why it relates to food and society, or, you can choose from the
• Ending hunger
• Ending obesity
• The need to eat less meat
• Promoting sustainable agriculture
• Revealing the dangers of genetically modified foods
• Promoting organic food, slow food, fair trade or vegetarianism
• Changing the face of food banks, changing food and poverty
• Promoting farmer’s rights
• Promoting urban food systems
• Another social issue/problem of your choice that is relevant to food and
What is the format of the PSA?
For this assignment, you are asked to prepare your PSA as a brochure (the paper
should be 8 ½ x 11 inches), video, or radio clip (approx. 3 minutes in duration).
Depending on the format you select, your PSA should include audio and/or visual
effects (e.g. images, colour, sound effects) in order to engage the audience/readers.
What should your PSA include?
Your PSA should include information about the issue that is informative and
persuasive. You want to alert people about the issue and convince them that it is
important. You want to motivate people to take action.
• Consider the “W” questions: Who, What, Where, When, Why?
• Include helpful resources such as website addresses, contact information and
important statistics—if you include statistics, remember to cite correctly
according to APA or MLA.
• Include a catchphrase.
• What issue did you focus on? What do you want people to know about the
• Why are you interested in this issue?
• Why is the issue important? Who is this issue important for?
• What is general background information about the issue? (You can include
specific examples to illustrate and support details about the issue).
• What do you think can be done by ordinary people to prevent/change the
social issue/problem?
What should your presentation include?
• Share your PSA with the class. Expand or provide more detail about points
that you were expected to address in your PSA.
• How and why does your chosen issue relate to food and society?
• What kinds of groups, organizations and forms of activism exist that
currently address the issue? How are they similar and/or different from one
another in terms of their goals and forms of action?
• What specific points or course concepts that you learned in class pertain to
your PSA?
• Remember to mention specific authors or theorists when making claims, and
to paraphrase and/or cite according to MLA or APA.

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