Your assignment is to research one of the following companies and determine the current state of the organization. Ms. Branch, the MCOB Librarian (414-8067) will…

Your assignment is to research one of the following companies and determine the current state of the organization. Ms. Branch, the MCOB Librarian (414-8067) will be working with us this semester and available to help you with research. You may make appointments with their consultants to receive assistants.

Eastman Kodak
Sears Holdings Corporation
Yum Brands
Research in Motion

If you turn in a paper analyzing a company not on the list above, you will receive a zero. You will use the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) technique as the basis for your analysis. In addition, Ms. Branch, the business librarian, will post a MGT 300 course guide on the MCOB Library website to help you get started. First, you will select a company and find the existing SWOT(s) in the MCOB Library’s electronic databases. Next, you will read information (web sites, articles, blogs, etc.) about your company using the databases and sources Ms. Branch trains us how to use. Based on your readings, you will update the company’s SWOT. This is an important part of the process, and you will have to cite the sources you read to justify each item in your SWOT table.
Once you finish with your updated SWOT analysis, you should be able to begin identifying the top issue facing the firm you have chosen (this may be a problem or an opportunity). You will need to convince me that the issue you selected is the highest priority one. For your issue, you will discuss the relevant causes and impacts. Your recommendations are another important aspect of this assignment. They must effectively address your issue and you must provide sound reasoning to support your views.
Your recommendations can be broad at first, but you must “flesh them out.” In other words, they must be actionable. What specific actions should management take to efficiently and effectively address the issue you have identified? Assume you had Publix and you thought it was important for them to grow geographically, that is a good start. However, you would need to identify where. In Mobile County, OK, where in Mobile County based on their target market? How many store units? All at the same time? Staggered? Does the company have the means to pay for this growth? Do they take on debt or use equity? These are some of the questions you might ask intended to help you “flesh out” your recommendation section. Be sure to provide sound reasoning to support your positions.
At the end of your recommendations section, you need to identify the key functional areas of the organization that must be involved to implement your proposed recommendations. Do you need production, marketing, human resources, legal, etc.? Who needs to be in the room when this decision is made? Should they be involved on the front-end or simply responsible for carrying out the plan? What level(s) (top, middle, first-line, non-managerial) are necessary to implement your recommendation? Does the answer to this question, impact who should be involved in the planning and organizing stages?


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