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Research paper on World War I This semester one of our research paper topics will be The Great War (World War I). In this paper…

Research paper on World War I This semester one of our research paper topics will be The Great War (World War I). In this paper you will select to write about either a cause of the conflict or a consequence of this war. This is a very broad topic and to write an effective paper, you will narrow this topic to focus on a particular aspect. A great deal has been written about this war and you will have no difficulty finding material, however, you must carefully document any material that you find and also make sure it is a credible, ″scholarly″ source. Wikipedia, history.com, or info.com does not fall into this category. For this paper a minimum of three scholarly sources should be consulted. The Valencia Library is a great place to find sources for this project. I have left the parameters for this assignment fairly broad so you may select something you find interesting. Try to create a perspective or position and convey what you find to be true in a scholarly manner. Remember, the use of ″I″ in a research paper should be avoided. This paper must be 4-5 pages in length. This means 4-5 pages of written work. This does not include the title page or bibliography/works cited page. For you to receive full-credit, this paper must be properly cited. I will accept APA, or Chicago/Turabian. Numerous resources are available online or in our Learning Resource Center that explain how to properly use any of the these methods. Do not be intimidated by this process, if you have questions, please feel free to ask me. You must show where you retrieved your work either by using footnotes or in-text citations. Spelling and grammar. Proofread your papers!! Most spelling and grammatical errors can be found by simply re-reading what you have written. Common mistakes also include, paragraphs not the proper length, not capitalizing proper nouns, and run-on sentences. Paper must be submitted as an attachment, do not copy and paste this assignment into the drop box. When crafting your paper. A good introduction should introduce to the audience what you are going to write about. The body of your paper should be used to explain your position and present evidence. The conclusion should sum up what you have already written about. Paper will be uploaded into safeassign. If I run your paper through this program and it detects plagiarism, your paper will receive an F. Plagiarism is cheating and is in violation of my syllabus and the college code of conduct. Please see me if you have any questions as to what constitutes plagiarism. I look forward to reading your perspectives on the topic you have a selected to write about. Grade will be evaluated according to the following criteria: Introduction and Thesis 20 Quality of research and analysis 30 Conclusion 10 Sources 10 points Spelling and grammar 10 points proper formatting (citations and bibliography) 10 points appropriate length 10 Total = 100 points Assignment World War I paper

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