[Solution]The Complexity, Science, and Assessment of Leadership

Please write a well organized, thoughtful, fully referenced Capstone Paper of 20 – 30 pages (6,000 – 8,000 words) using the American Psychological Association (APA)…

Please write a well organized, thoughtful, fully referenced Capstone Paper of 20 – 30
pages (6,000 – 8,000 words) using the American Psychological Association (APA) format
addressing the following issues. Feel free to bring in additional issues as you see fit.
Students will analyze and write a scholarly paper identifying objectives relating to:
1. The Complexity, Science, and Assessment of Leadership;
2. Leadership Success and Development of Skills;
3. Emerging Issues (Gender, Culture, Multi-cultural, Ethics);
4. Practice of Leadership; and
5. Role of Ethics in Leadership.
Capstone Topic
Assess the Leadership Issues and Ethical Concerns related to the British Media Scandal,
a.k.a. the Rupert Murdoch Corporate behavior concerns, in regards to leadership skills,
traits, and theories.
Submission Guidelines
The topic of “Leadership Issues and Ethical Concerns related to the British Media
Scandal” will be the basis for your capstone. In general, based on the topic study you
should demonstrate the following:
1. What are the key leadership issues that are presented?
2. What challenges would this provide to you as a leader facing this issue?
3. How would you determine the issues of leadership to curb these crises in terms of:
a. Organizational behavior.
b. Data requirements and a design to ascertain the impacts of the decision being made.
c. How you would manage the issues.
d. How you would communicate your concerns.
e. How the extant literature could be used to understand the problem and outcomes.
f. Summary and personal reflection.
4. You will more or less notice this follows the courses that make up the program. So
you should be able to tackle a little of this by relying on the course material.
5. It is strongly suggested by the faculty and students who blazed the trail before you
that you should try to finish the capstone in the weeks scheduled for this course.
6. To answer the always burning question, the body of the capstone should be between
20 and 30 pages (6,000 to 8,000 words) with proper references, charts, and notes.
7. At end, please attach a biographical paragraph and a leadership statement reflecting
your values on leadership and how this program has affected them.
Case Study Capstone Outline
As you research the case study topic your goal is to apply what you have learned over
the past several months to discuss as a leader how you would handle situations
involving these issues. Based on your new set of knowledge, what can you offer in
terms of insight or guidance as a leader?
The following is a potential outline for the capstone course paper requirement. Keep in
mind that different writers frame their arguments different ways, so feel free to deviate
from this proposed outline if you feel it helps improve upon your capstone project. That
said, this outline provides a schema for thinking about and responding to the assigned
topic case study by applying what you learned in each MLS course.
The Topic Study Outline
 Introduction:
1. Discussion of the challenges of reactive leadership. What background is necessary for
your reader to understand the problems presented?
2. Your introduction should at minimum:
a. Set the stage (frame the case study problem and key issues).
b. Discuss the challenges that are presented.
c. Design some measurement or testing system to measure change of case
study problem.
d. Discuss the leadership foundations that may help or hinder problem
e. Discuss organizational design strengths or weaknesses.
f. Discuss communication strategies—successful or otherwise.
3. All introductions should end with, ideally, a thesis statement that lets the reader
know the goal of the discussion/paper in its entirety.
 Frame the Problem:
1. What is the history of this case study? What are the specific challenges
presented by leaders and their actions?
2. What changes are needed for a successful conclusion to the problem?
Discuss a system that might be used to measure the change you discuss.
Is it anything like the research process?
3. How would program evaluation play a role?
4. What measures would you use?
 Organizational Design:
1. How are organizations designed and is this a factor in the case study?
2. Do you sense some specific organizational metaphor that may have
3. What changes, if any, might you implement?
 Foundations for Leadership:
1. What are the leadership challenges do you find in responding to actions of
the case study leaders?
2. How do they relate to the styles and types you covered?
3. Are there any foundations that you think the organization leaders should
consider as they move forward?
 Modern Management:
1. Is there a distinct type of leadership principle that goes with properly
handling efforts aimed at specific problems? Given what you have learned,
is this a value added or a hindrance to the problem you framed above?
How so?
2. What, if anything, would you recommend as change?
 Communication Strategies:
1. What were the communication strategies in leadership at the case study
2. Is there room for change? If so, what change is necessary?
 Provide a Plan:
Now that we know the intricate ins and outs of leadership, what are the potential places
for improvement and what would you do to solve the problem you posed at the
beginning of this paper? Is it just a tweak, a new evaluation process, a new type of
organizational structure, a leadership style? What will you do to maintain or improve the
interaction at different levels to ensure future success?
 Conclusion:
Rather than tell where we’re going, the conclusion should tell where we’ve been: a
summary; then, communicate your final plan conclusion about the behaviors exhibited
and what actions you might take. Make the reader believe your ideas present the best
course of action to take for success.
Guidelines for Formatting and Submission of Capstone
These guidelines are intended to assist you in the final preparation of your capstone
project, to ensure your work is relevant, and can be made available to future scholars
and other students. All specifications of the paper should conform to the guidelines of
the American Psychology Association (APA) unless other specifications are outlined
here. Guidelines can be accessed on the Internet by searching for APA writing
guidelines or at this link, http://apastyle.org.
1. The font size and type should remain consistent throughout the paper.
Recommended fonts include Times New Roman or Arial 12 points (Signature Page,
Titles, and Subtitles can be 14 point). The major consideration for the type style is
readability: it must be dark, clear, and photocopy well.
2. Margins: 1 inch on all sides.
3. Pagination: Place page numbers at the bottom center of the page. The Signature
Page, or first page, is not numbered. The Preliminary Pages are to be numbered with
small Roman numerals (i, ii, iii); the pages following the Preliminary pages beginning
with the Abstract through the Leadership Statement are to be numbered in Arabic
numerals (1, 2, 3).
4. Line Spacing: The paper is to be double spaced.
5. Use spell-check and the grammar check that is provided in Microsoft Word. In
addition, have someone who is honest and who you can trust read and critique your
paper before submission.
6. Submission: Final approval of paper and graduation status will be reserved until the
capstone is properly submitted electronically on Blackboard. One signed copy will be
returned to you. Responsibility for meeting all submission requirements rests with the
Specifications for Content of Capstone
1. Preliminary pages should include the following in the order presented:
 Abstract: It must include the title “Abstract,” the major paper title, the author’s
name and a summary not to exceed 250 words.
 Acknowledgements. (Optional ) No more than 1 page.
 Table of Contents. The table of contents must include the Abstract, other
preliminary pages as applicable (e.g., list of tables, preface, acknowledgements),
as well as all the main divisions of the project, reference list, and appendices. In
order of appearance:
Preliminary Pages:
a. Signature page
b. Abstract
c. Preface (optional)
d. Acknowledgements (optional)
e. Table of Contents
f. List of Tables (if any) Provide a list of table numbers, full title, and
page numbers in the order they appear on a separate page.
g. List of Figures or Illustrations (if any) on a separate page. The list
includes graphs, photos, and other illustrative materials, including
page numbers in the order they appear.
2. Body of Capstone Text
3. References/Endnotes (do not use footnotes)
4. Appendices (if applicable)
5. Biographical Statement – One paragraph professional biography
6. Leadership Statement

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