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After reviewing everyones articles and know you are preparing for your outlines I want to identify some things that will make everyones papers better…. this…

After reviewing everyones articles and know you are preparing for your
outlines I want to identify some things that will make everyones papers
better…. this is an adjustment to the
original outline… but your final paper and your outline MUST follow
this outline below… simply cut and past your paper into the proper
sections and rework it if you have already started it….it came to my
attention you did not get the full outline in the
document I uploaded… it uploaded incorrectly and was missing some
vital components… like the theory part of the the theory class
First: This is how the outline and paper should be set up….
Introduction – tell me what you are writing about…
Literature Review – this has two parts… First you have to summarize
all of your articles… second you have to summarize 3 theories from
this semester that you feel best explain your crime… in one to two
paragraphs tell me about the article or theory – what was the major premise.
Discussion section: – this section also have two parts…
First you have to create an academic discussion regarding the the
articles – compare and contrast the articles that you have found… how
are they similar and how are they different… THEN do the same with the
theories… what are the theories strengths and weaknesses… how are
the similar and how are they different… (use your course materials for
all the theory sections… you don’t need to use outside sources for
this part).
Discussion of Findings Section: – this is the section where you bring
everything together…
After reading all the articles and literature what is the One thing from
all the articles… you would study about this topic….Tell me exactly
what you would study and why… then tell me of the three theories which
one best explains your crime and why….
Response Section – Tell what you academically thought of the study of
your topic… what interested you…what else would you look at… what
would you expect to find… etc…
Conclusion – tell me what you wrote about…
Reference Page…. reference all the materials cited in your paper….
Additional comments to help you all with your papers:
1. Don’t overuse the word author… identify the article and the
author(s) when summarizing the articles then refer to them by name…
2. Make sure to cite in every paragraph… either through quotes or
4. Proof read your paper more than once…. once you are happy with
it… then read it backwards one sentence at a time… each sentence
should make sense on its own – reading backwards doesn’t allow for it to
flow or you to skip over something…
5. Make sure your reference page is complete and in the proper format…
6. Paper length can be variable depending on the length of the articles
that you read… aim for ultimately no less than 10 but more likely 12
plus a reference page… length is always tricky because some people
simply write more concise than others and some more lengthy than others.
Comments from Support Team: Article #1 Black Males under 18 committing property crimes
Property crime is a list of crimes that includes burglary, larceny, theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, shoplifting, and vandalism. When you speak of property crime it involves the taking of someones money or property. It usually doesn’t involve force or a physical threat of force toward a victim. Most citizens think robbery is considered a property crime but it is considered a violent crime. When property crimes occur they come in large volumes. The suspects usually target things they can dispose real quick an get a quick pay off for it. Examples are like electronics, power tools , and cameras. ( From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Property crime.) Property crime is on the down slide since the last tens years dealing with black youths. (http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/cius2008/data/table_43.html, 2008 crime in the United States.)
When Burglary is being committed it is forcible entry or trying to enter a residence. This crime usually, involves theft. Illegal entry is the use of force, like breaking a window or cutting a screen, or it may be without the use of force by entering a unlocked door or open window. Larceny is taking property other than vehicles from others. Examples include pocket picketing purse snatching shoplifting etc. Motor vehicle theft has Grey area within the crime it is the taking of a vehicle when not authorized to do so and you can and will be charged with the crime even on and attempt to steal a vehicle. “Property crimes including burglary, motor vehicle theft, or theft. This category includes both attempted and completed crimes”.
• In 2008 members of U.S. households experienced about 16.3 million property crimes.
• Property crimes were experienced by 134.7 per 1,000 households in the U.S. during 2008.
• According to NCVS property crime rates declined by 8.1%between 2007 and 2008.
• Rates of household burglary remained unchanged between 2007 and 2008.
• Property theft and motor vehicle theft rates both declined between 2007 and 2008.
• Property theft is the most frequently occurring property crime. About 12.3 million property thefts occurred in 2008. About 101.8 per 1,000 households experienced property thefts during this period.
• In 2008 about 40% of property crimes were reported to police. Motor vehicle theft (80%) was the property crime most frequently reported to police. About 1 in 3 property thefts were reported. More than half of household burglaries (56%) were reported.
( Office Of Justice programs:)
Belton Flesiher & Gary Becker feel that crime can be explained through Economic Theory. The theory by (Ernest Mandel: Karl Marx ), Karl Marx states “ there are no eternal economic laws, valid in every epoch of human prehistory and history. Each mode of production has its own specific economic laws, which lose their relevance once the general social framework has fundamentally changed. For Marx likewise, there are no economic laws separate and apart from specific relations between human beings, in the primary (but not only, as already summarized) social relations of production”. Basically stating there is no end solution time always change. (Property Crime and Economic Behavior: Some Empirical Results, by David Lawrence Sjoquist © 1973 American Economic Association). (Karl Marx – Part 3
Ernest Mandel )
Overall I feel Karl Marx Theory explains humans thoughts well on why they commit such acts. We can come up wit some many theories to why people are violent, why their looks reflect such deviant behavior etc. But we can only assume the theories as to why these crimes are committed every individual has their own motive for the actions they choose.
In Conclusion:
It’s not just black delinquents committing these crimes at times other ethic groups have more involvement then than those being studied. We really have to look at the fact is every crime being committed being reported if not we will never have accurate data even if it was we still wouldn’t have it because crimes are constantly being committed. “All human societies must assure the satisfaction of a certain number of basic needs, in order to survive and reproduce themselves”. (Karl Marx – Part 3
Ernest Mandel )
http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/cius2008/data/table_43.html, 2008 crime in the United States.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Property crime
Office Of Justice programs
Property Crime and Economic Behavior: Some Empirical Results, by David Lawrence Sjoquist © 1973 American Economic Association). (Karl Marx – Part 3
Ernest Mandel
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