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The formal report assignment requires research and formal report drafting and revision. Carefully read the case scenario presented below which provides the context for the…

The formal report assignment requires research and formal report drafting and revision. Carefully read the case scenario presented below which provides the context for the report assignment.
Individual Formal Report Project
You’ve recently been hired by Career Consultants Incorporated as a consultant in your chosen career field (if you haven’t chosen one yet, then you might select a career field that interests you for this assignment). Your boss, Geraldine Schliermacher, has requested that you prepare a formal report that provides basic information about your career field to assist other consultants who will be working as career advisors. The report should be written to these consultants and provide them information regarding the occupational outlook for graduates of your chosen field of study.
Write a formal research report for Ms. Schliermacher and the consultants at Career Consultants Incorporated. It should be highly structured and follow the formal report formats introduced in Chapter 17 (and some parts of Chapter 19).
The report should:

be single-spaced,
written in business format,
have an appropriate cover memo (sometimes takes the form of a letter called a ‘Letter Transmittal’ as our book notes) and title page (see page 523 of Chapter 19 for explanations, but note that our report is not as detailed as this example),
be segmented with proper subordination of subsections,
include both in-text references and a References list page (APA format) and
include a list of additional resources as an appendix (see page 531 of Chapter 19).

Types of information to consider including:

Definition and explanation of the career field
Educational program information (types of degrees, programs, majors, specialties, internship opportunities, course work, etc.)
Occupational information (job opportunities post-graduation for various programs, including average salary information, working conditions, responsibilities, advancement opportunities, etc.)
Personality types (general information about people who tend to be attracted to the field and the various occupations identified: interests, motivation, life-styles, etc.)
Resources (for consultants to find additional information)
Any other pertinent information (such as regions where employment is most likely, travel potential, safety issues, competition, etc.) that may be important for that particular career field


Follow general Formal Report Design
Single-spaced, block/business format
Times New Roman (or similar) 12-pt Font, 1-inch Margins
APA Style References: minimum 6 quality research sources
Body of report to be 4-6 pages in length at minimum, excluding title page, References page(s) and appendix
Include additional resource list as appendix

The following activities will be assigned over 4 Class Sessions; follow the Class Sessions for due dates.

Preliminary research to select field of study (if no official choice has been made, choose one you’re interested in)
Conduct and record early research
Consider an appropriate Report format for your work (see Chapters 17 and 19, but note what sections are required for our assignment)
Complete Work Plan Assignment and submit for Instructor review (Session 14) to demonstrate research efforts, overall planning, and objectives for report (report content and needed research)
Implement Work Plan by drafting sections of report, as work toward a final draft, using Instructor comments
Create cover and appendix
Revise and submit Formal Report (Session 16)


This assignment is worth 150 points.
The document will be evaluated as follows:

Planning: Has the topic been well planned and thought through?
Document elements: Does the document include all necessary elements, per the assignment instructions?
Audience: Has the appropriate audience been considered for the assignment and/or has consideration been given to the scenario described in the assignment?
Language: Does the document use acceptable business language/style? Is the document free from errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation?
Research: Has appropriate research been conducted to complete the assignment and has that research been documented correctly for APA style?
Creativity: Has creativity been used to undertake and complete the assignment?


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