[Solution]Discuss how the following Aboriginal Education strategies are reflected in the Early

Task Students should complete the following task using an essay format. Discuss how the following Aboriginal Education strategies are reflected in the Early Years Learning…

Students should complete the following task using an essay format.
Discuss how the following Aboriginal Education strategies are reflected in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and their importance to the Early Childhood sector

Aboriginal Perspectives in the curriculum;
Outcomes for Aboriginal children; and
Creating a culturally safe learning environment.

This task reflects the following subject learning outcomes (LO) and modules

LO – Be able to recognise the importance of community consultation and the participation of Indigenous Peoples in educational environments;
LO – Be able to formulate culturally appropriate teaching strategies for Indigenous children;
LO – Understand and develop aspects of a culturally safe education environment;
Module 1 – Why Aboriginal Education; and
Module 2 – Aboriginal Education and the Early Childhood Sector.

Teachers are faced with the ongoing task of gaining, demonstrating and critically reflecting upon knowledge and resources in order to achieve student outcomes. This task will allow the student to explore and articulate the relationships between learners, curriculum and policy.
The authenticity of this task will be evident in your future education settings by

Articulating and visually representing EYLF in your practice;
Identifying how your practice can incorporate Aboriginal Education;
Developing communication strategies between families and communities about your education setting and practice; and
Aligning the needs of the learner with EYLF outcomes and expectations.

Assessment Structure

Looking at the assessment question you will see that there are two main parts to the essay question for each strategy;
– how the strategies are reflected in EYLF
– why they are important in the EC sector
I would suggest that when you look at each of the three strategies (Aboriginal Perspectives in the curriculum, Outcomes for Aboriginal children and Creating a culturally safe learning environment) that you remember to address the two aspects of the question.
As this is a formal essay, please DO NOT use headings or sub titles in your essay.

Strategy – Aboriginal Perspectives in the curriculum
This basically means the Aboriginal content you will utilise within your teaching content. Aboriginal perspectives can be delivered to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children.
When you are looking at this strategy, some hints
– you may wish to read module three for further information on what an Aboriginal perspective is
-look in EYLF where does it talk about placing Aboriginal content into the curriculum, some of the EYLF outcomes can give you a clue as to why it is important
– it is not asking you to provide activities (that will be in ass two)

Strategy – Outcomes for Aboriginal children
This is NOT the five EYLF outcomes. If you use these outcomes you may confuse yourself and the direction of the essay. Use outcomes from the action plan, melbourne declaration, state plans/policy (ie NSW DEC Aboriginal Education Policy) or even a centre policy that relates to Aboriginal children.
Some hints –
– do not select more then 1-2 outcomes for Aboriginal children to discuss in this section. If you are not confident I would suggest that you only select one to explore.
– once you select an outcome from another policy/plan, then go to EYLF and look for where it is reflected. It will not be word for word, but you should be able to relate specific EYLF references to your selected outcome
– then look at why it is important for the EC sector.
Strategy – Creating a culturally safe learning environment
This is about how the education setting values and ensures local Aboriginal culture. It creates an atmosphere that values not only culture but the participants (Aboriginal children, families and community) and their contributions as well.
Some hints –
– the article below may be a good start for you http://www.atsis.uq.edu.au/ajie/docs/2003322128.pdf
– look at EYLF how is it reflecting cultural safety
– then discuss why it is important

Make sure you use a capital A for Aboriginal and a capital I for Indigenous.
Try and use one term or another.
I use Aboriginal children because it is what is requested by the NSW leading peak advisory group on Aboriginal Education.
The outcome is what the policy states that they want Aboriginal children to achieve.  It is not the general outcomes for all children, but the ones specifically directed to Aboriginal children.
You mentioned the NSW Aboriginal and Training policy – where is this one from and what year is it.
Yes you can select the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education policy. In module 2 does look into policies as well
yes you can choose any current/latest formal policy, plan etc as long as it relates to education and the outcome is specific to Aboriginal children

The post Discuss how the following Aboriginal Education strategies are reflected in the Early

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