[Solution]Managing Communication Knowledge and Information

LO 1 Grade: Referred Feedback: 1.1 pass. You have discussed the range of decisions to be taken with excellent real-life examples. 1.2 pass. You have…

LO 1
Grade: Referred
Feedback: 1.1 pass. You have discussed the range of decisions to be taken with excellent real-life examples. 1.2 pass. You have examined the information and knowledge needed to ensure effective decision taking. It could have been beneficial to include more examples of documents or types of information in your work. But . you do meet the criterion 1.3 pass. This part is the assessment part and does meet the criterion. The remaining, un-highlighted section is an good explanation but better suited to 1.2. However, you have assessed internal and external sources of information and understanding. 1.4 refer. It is not clear what these recommendations are. What sources and types of information will be used? What will this improve and how? To pass be clear on what the recommendations are and why.
LO 2
Grade: Pass
Feedback: 2.1 pass. You have clearly identified stakeholders for a decision-making process in the given scenario. You have not only stated who they are, but also their involvement and the reasons why. 2.2 pass. You have used a very unique way to explain how you could make contact with those identified and develop business relationships. Well done here. You clearly have a good understanding of how to create and maintain business relationships. 2.3 pass. You have stated very clearly how you would involve those identified in the decision making as appropriate. You have clearly linked this to Classic Badges as well as generalised with backed up evidence from your wider reading. Very good work here. 2.4 pass. You have suggested some general and basic improvements Consider adding more depth to your work and try to be very clear in explaining what the improvement is in future.
LO 3
Grade: Referred
Feedback:3.1 pass. You have used a previous place of work to report on existing approaches of communication in your organisation. You have also linked to theory here and mentioned various techniques and methods associated with communication. You are achieving M2 here as well. 3.2 pass. You have made very brief suggestions to improve here but they are valid and achievable 3.3 refer. To pass you must explain how you could implement improvements to ensure greater integration of systems of communication in the organisation. Therefore, not individual ways but interaction. Have a look at the class notes on LMS before you attempt to answer. 3.4 refer. You seemed to have, again answered previous criterion regarding improvements that can be made in general. Here, this is about you personally. To pass you should create a personal plan to improve your own communications skills. Consider which skills you need to improve on how, when by and what you will need. You could use a SMART action plan similar to the one you used in PPD.
LO 4
Grade: Referred
Feedback:4.1 pass. You have produced a well written report on existing approaches to collection, formatting, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge. This has clear links to your organisation in a vocational context. 4.2 pass. You have provided a detailed account of how you could carry out appropriate changes to improve the collection, formatting storage and dissemination of information and knowledge 4.3 refer. This sentence is the only relevant section as to how you could implement a strategy to improve access to systems of information and knowledge. Please consider this in your resubmission.

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