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Argumentation Writing Argumentation Writing •The text of your paper should be a minimum of 4 full pages of text and a maximum of 5 full…

Argumentation Writing
Argumentation Writing
•The text of your paper should be a minimum of 4 full pages of text and a maximum of 5 full page of text, double spaced. Times New Roman 12 must be used, and margins should be 1″ – 1 1/4″. A cover page including your name, the date, and the paper title should be added to your paper. A Works Cited page is also required.
•For this writing assignment, I ask you to take a position on an issue and present evidence and reasoning to support your position; your purpose is to convince your reader of the validity of your position, and optimally, to have the reader agree with you.
The issue you choose must be debatable; that is, there must be a legitimate opposing position. (For example, arguing against child abuse is not an appropriate topic; no one in the class would be in favor of child abuse.) It must also be able to be supported with factual evidence and logic. You may not write on abortion, gun control in general, the death penalty, or your personal religious beliefs. These topics invite the writer to become overly emotional and rely on emotion rather than argument. I may make an exception, if you can convince me via e-mail communication that you will support your arguments with facts: not emotion.
You must have a focused, well-defined topic and position on the topic. You may argue for or against a specific proposition, position, belief or action. You will need to do analytical thinking and research in order to really grasp the background of the issue, as well as to develop your position, the reasoning to support it, and the specific facts or evidence to argue your case.
Because much of the strength of an argument lies in the quality of the supporting evidence, there are some particular research requirements for this paper. You must have at least four outside research sources. Two of these four must be magazine, journal, or newspaper articles found on one of the HACC Library databases. (I recommend ProQuest or EBSCOhost.) These are easily accessed and researched online, through the HACC homepage and the library site. The other two sources may be of your choice, including internet sources, books, interviews, etc. The four sources must be listed in correct MLA format on your Works Cited page and cited in correct MLA format in the text of the paper in parenthetical citations. NO WIKIPEDIA. Thank you.
When you are ready to write your argumentation essay, you will need:
•an introduction to provide background and engage the reader
•a clearly defined focused thesis (your position on the question): please distinguish your thesis statement in the paper by highlighting it in red or by bolding the sentence
•a set of reasons or supporting points
•acknowledgement of at least one opposing argument and a response to it by either conceding and qualifying or refuting.
•a conclusion that pulls together your reasoning and drives home your position
Besides these elements, good argumentation requires sound logical connections between ideas and careful control of voice and tone as well as a clear sense of audience. Of course, you need to write in clear, effective, mature standard English at the sentence level. All of these components are necessary in an effective argument for a position.

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