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OVERVIEW: The purpose of this assignment is to enrich students’ understanding of the research process, art methodologies, and specific art historical movements from the Ancient…

The purpose of this assignment is to enrich students’ understanding of the research process, art methodologies, and specific art historical movements from the Ancient to Gothic period.
You will select two works of art from the time period and cultures covered in this class(unless preapproved to do something outside this parameter) for the Comparative Analysis. Based on guidance from your instructor and teaching assistant, you will develop and write an analysis that compares and contrasts the artworks selected.
The assignment is broken into two stages.

Topic Proposal and thesis statement; Preliminary Bibliography, due Week 2


Comparative Analysis, Second Submission, due Week 5

For the Week 2 Assignment, you will submit:

Topic Proposal: Choose two art works for your comparison from the time period between the Prehistoric period and the Gothic period, and from the western region. Write a half page to one page proposal that introduces the two artworks you have selected and the relevance behind their comparison. Also consider the art historical importance of the comparison and explain why you believe this investigation is important. Then state what will be your argument of thesis.
Include images of the artworks you have selected
Preliminary Bibliography:  It is possible to do a comparative analysis without using outside sources, However, if you do plan to use outside sources, list them here. so as to make sure that you are using scholarly sources.

Citation style: It is preferred that the paper be written in correct Chicago Manual of Style (CMS.) Specific works of art that are referenced within the paper need to be included with appropriate CMS image labels, credit lines, and in-text figure references. Additionally, ideas/concepts and specific quotes must include citations. Note: this includes not only the specific assigned readings but also ideas/concepts and specific quotes that originate in the assigned textbook, lectures/presentations, and/or other outside resources.  However, if you greatly prefer or are more familiar with MLA, it can be used instead—just use it correctly and consistently.
For the final draft, due week 5:
The Comparative Analysis should include:

A thesis statement (identifiable argument/main point) in the introduction paragraph


A Formal Analysis of each piece: This analysis of form will focus on elements and principles of design relevant to the comparison. It is not necessary to analyze every element, only focus on formal observations that support your points of comparison.


An evaluation of the similarities and differences regarding form and style: Consider the art historical importance of the comparative points regarding form and style and how it impacts the overall message.


An examination of context in order to examine how style and meaning relate to historical and social context: Research the respective cultures of the objects you selected and examine why and how the form and style reflect the social ideologies and cultural practices.


Images of the selected artworks on a separate page


Bibliography Page if ANY outside sources are used.


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