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Cyber Security Cloud computing     Top Trends in Information Technology industry   In the past 15 years I have been working in the Information…

Cyber Security
Cloud computing
Top Trends in Information Technology industry
In the past 15 years I have been working in the Information Technology (IT) industry as Network Administrator. I could see how IT has been changing throughout the years, and how it affects our life. What is IT or Information Technology? According to Dictionary.com: “Information Technology (I.T.) – The technology involved with the transmission and storage of information, especially the development, installation, implementation, and management of computer systems within companies, universities, and other organizations.” Could you imagine our life without Information Technology? How difficult would it be? We are surrounded and depended on technology in our everyday activities. IT changed the way we perform certain task: controlling devices, monitoring, securing, develop, entertaining and e.t.
Information Technology expends and changes at fast rate. Different trends and areas in IT develop faster than others. It is difficult to keep up with all that coming up from technology.  About 20 years ago we have old and bulky computers now the same power in the tablet or smart phone. Or what about pagers? Do you know or remember what this device was for?  Someone send you page/message to device throughout telephone carrier. Next thing was simple mobile phones and now we have smart phones. Smart phones allow you to do a lot of things but not including just simple phone call, searching Internet, checking emails, posting on Social media account and list keeps growing.  What are the hot trend in the IT industry? How they might influence other industries, businesses, or life on the planet?
Information Technology has presence in many other industries. For example, healthcare – many medical patient records have been converted to digital format. Doctors working on PC to retrieve and update patient medical record. There are many trends in IT that are advancing at the high speed and really hard to pick up top 3, 5, or 10 trends that will have biggest effect on industry. After some researching I believe the following three trends will continue to influence the shape of IT industry.
First one that will accelerate at high rate is the Internet of Things, or IoT.  In simple words, the internet of things is network of physical devices that connect and exchange data over a network without needs human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. (https://internetofthingsagenda.techtarget.com/definition/Internet-of-Things-IoT)  Smart vehicles, wearables,  Smart thermostats, medical devices that either collecting patient information or help with different medical conditions and list go on of the internet of things. IoT is growing at mathematical progression. It is estimated the in the next couple of years it will be more than 30 billion IoT devices. This will expand internet connectivity far than  and how it might advance.
Second, in my opinion, big sector of Information Technology is Cyber Security. It has a lot of trends on its own.  What is Cyber security? And what effect it has on the IT industry
Another important trend in IT is Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is not a new trend, but it still growing and improving.  What is cloud computing? How it effects IT fields. Pros and Cons of Cloud computing. In my experience I see how it is effecting IT support for small to mid-size businesses.
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