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1.0 Introduction   The aim of this assessment is to provide an analysis of the online customer experience that is expected of an organisation and…

1.0 Introduction
The aim of this assessment is to provide an analysis of the online customer experience that is expected of an organisation and to discover the possible marketing tools to leverage this potential value offering. The organisation that will be discussed throughout the essay is a well known online Australian boutique business called Princess Polly. The organisation was founded in 2010 and has claimed to be one of Australia’s fastest and largest growing fashion websites. The essay will be explored in three sections, firstly,a key trend in online customer experience and how it impacts the marketing functionality of the organisation. Secondly, the different ways that Princess Polly can improve their online customer interactionin relation to customer expectations. Andlastly, the comparison of digital marketing tools and how they canaddress customer expectations thus leverage the organisations capacity to interact with customers.
2.0 Trend in Online Customer Experience
Over the years the development of new technologies has changed the method of marketing. The business-customer relationship is hardly just transactional; customers now have more say then ever.  Rather than businesses trying to predict how customers perceive products, successful businesses influence positive customer experiences, build and maintain relationships with customers. With the raise of technology digital marketing is more common. It is about understanding customer expectations and implementing strategies to better enhance the customer experience (Ryan & Jones, 2009). Therefore the online customer experience is vitally important. The online customer experience can be defined as the conscious and subconscious perception of a customer and their relationship with a business experienced through the World Wide Web (Borowski, 2015). Businesses that hold a strong customer experience have proven to produce substantial results (Borowski, 2015). A key trend that has formed and impacts Princess Polly’s marketing approach is that there is an increase usage of social tools. Therefore, from the exponential rise of social sites this means that the organisation can benefit positively as they can connect with numerous customers through various channels.Furthermore, social media networks are known to be quick communication channels allowing businesses to deal with issues or request faster. Thus, social media is a cost-effective alternative of marketing (Geter, 2018). Princess Polly uses a range of social sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat, YouTube, Tumblr and Pintrest to create and maintain customer experience.
3.0 Improvement of Online Customer Interaction Suggestions
Customers are developing a great understanding of what good online customer service experience looks and feels like from competitors and transactions from any business. That’s why setting a high standard of service, maintaining and looking for improvement is essential. Princess Polly’s customers’ expectations are to have good customer service, meaning to have fast replies and friendly service. Princess Polly customers also expect value and quality from what they purchase and fast delivery.  Moreover, they expect easy access and operation of………

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