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Background of the study The crown prince scholarship has a great impact on the society and the education. It has become very popular and gets…

Background of the study
The crown prince scholarship has a great impact on the society and the education. It has become very popular and gets funds from international bodies to enhance its continuity. The scholarship started as a small program that was fully funded by His Royal Highness Prince to support bright students in doing their undergraduate degrees in leading international universities and colleges (CPISP n.d., par 1-2). The program today can support students for masters and Ph.D. among other educational programs with the help of sponsors. The project Crown Prince Scholarship helps the scholars to have a global cultural exposure and experience thus promoting developments in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The program m has the potential of completely changing the face of Bahrain and making it be in a better place in future through enhancing education and global professionalism. There is a need for devising ways that can help enhance the program and bring more positive impact in the Kingdom of Bahrain (CPISP, n.d par 1-5).
Problem Statement
The research aims at investigating the impact crown prince scholarship of Bahrain and the various ways of enhancing it.
Research questions
How useful is the Crown Prince scholarship to the students and the country of Bahrain?
How can we increase the number of beneficiaries of crown prince scholarship of Bahrain?
What is the view of Bahrain students towards the flexibility of crown prince scholarship?
To assess the impact of the crown prince scholarship in Bahrain on performance and on the kingdom at large
To increase the number of beneficiaries of the crown prince scholarship in Bahrain
To enhance flexibility of the program
Literature review
Crown Prince scholarship of Bahrain is a program that provides funding for bright students in top international universities. The scholarship program was started back in the year 1999 by His Royal Highness Prince salmon bin Hamad Al Khalif. The scholarship was started to assist brightest children in Bahrain’s. Specific selection criteria such as GAP and SAT among other were employed to enhance consistency when selecting students. Each year ten brightest and most motivated secondary school graduates benefit from crown prince scholarship of Bahrain by getting full funds. The beneficiaries each year are usually ten ladies and ten men. The recipients of the scholarship must have enrolled in grade eleven and must have at least 97% GPA for the tenth grade. Moreover, the students who benefit from the scholarship must study in international universities and colleges. However, they are set free to choose their preferred programs, as well as universities in the US, Canada, Singapore, Europe and Australia. The program was fully funded by the HRH, Prince at the beginning before the endowment fund was launched that opened the door for volunteered sponsors both local and international (CPISP, n.d., par 1-6).
The scholarship programs provide covers not only the undergraduate program but also masters and Ph.D. Moreover, the crown prince scholarship program allows and support students in taking other educational programs alongside their main causes. CPISP provide all financial support that the students require throughout their time of study under the program. These include all air tickets, the allowances tuition and medical and other insurance covers. This is meant for ensuring scholars are comfortable thus able to concentrate on their studies. Additionally, to ensure that students adopt with ease into the new environments, selected students especially those in government schools usually get enrolled in boarding schools for two years. This is done   as a way of preparing them before starting their undergraduate courses. This preparation period helps the students to sharpen their research skills improve their English and obtain ‘A’ level knowledge among other things (CPISP, 2013, p. 2).
CPISP started by only sponsoring six outstanding students from government schools. The first sponsorship of the student in this program was solely on His Royal Highness Prince. However, the program was expanded later to include four students from private schools. This was meant to enhance equality among the students. The program helps the students to obtain cultural exposure by allowing them to study abroad (Proudly Arabian, 2014, par. 8).
The crown prince international scholarship launched endowment fund in the year 2006. The fund was meant for getting funds from both international and local organizations, as well as individuals. The contribution from the sponsors would help maintain continuous operations of the program and enhancing diversity in the country. Furthermore, the funding ensures that the program is in a position to support those willing to go beyond graduate level and take part in other educational activities and programs (CPISP, 2011, p. 6).
The program helps making the students competitive globally by giving them a chance to study in different economies and cultures. Additionally, the training that the beneficiaries get when they go for their studies abroad and immediately upon recruitment harnesses their leadership capabilities. According to Gulf daily (2014 p 14), crown prince aims at promoting quality workforce for the country in the future, thus, better society. Moreover, the prince aims at developing youths whose knowledge is well diversified and with diversified talents necessary in both the public sectors of Bahrain, thus continued growth and prosperity in the country.
Before the final students are selected, the shortlisted students go through leadership and communication skills training so as to enhance their capabilities. The students are also prepared for their SAT and the IELTS exams upon which final candidates are selected. Students also go through various training and seminars where they freely interact with mentors thus improving their skills. This ensures that only the most motivated, ambitious and bright students are taken into the program. Sponsoring all round talented students gives light to the development of the country in future (CPISP, 2011, p. 2).
Crown Prince does not only provide scholarship to students, but also training especially for leadership and critical the scholars. The scholarship program gives the students to have a broader horizon in education by allowing them to study. The sponsors don not only assist in financial terms only but also in providing internships and training to the scholars.  Moreover, the selected students also go through career development training that is usually provided by various sponsoring organization (CPISP, 2011, p. 2).
To ensure the success of the program and that of the students who benefit from the program, the prince ensure that he meets with the students twice annually when they are out for holidays. This gives the students to interact and discuss their progress with the prince thus strong ties. Moreover, the CPISP members also ensure that they visit students abroad to see what they are doing, thus encouraging them. In this case, each country is assigned a member who oversees and manages student’s affairs in the country. This helps the students to remain as one family with the program members. The program sets students free to choose where to work when they are done with their studies. Moreover, the students are usually encouraged to secure employment abroad before coming back to their country so as to obtain global experience (CPISP, n.d., par. 7-8).
Qualitative research method will be employed in the research for both reliability and accuracy of the data. Questionnaires will be prepared based on the research objectives and be distributed to the students to answer and provide primary data. Extensive literature review will be conducted to so as to provide a backup to the primary data (Denscombe, 2012, p. 165).
The scope
The scope of the study will involve about 3000 students who must be Bahrain citizens. Of the three thousand students, 100 of them must be the alumni of the crown prince program. Also, 100 of them must be those who are in the program currently. Lastly, the rest will be students 5- 11th grade that will be selected randomly from both private government institutions.
Data collection
Research data will be collected by use of questionnaires and interviews. Questionnaires will be issued to the 3000 students who will be selected randomly from the three categories, CPISP alumni, CPISP current beneficiaries and grade 5-11 students. Some interviews will be carried out on the CPISP management. Secondary sources will also be used to collect secondary data. Questions in the questionnaires will be less and easy to understand questions to avoid partially answered questionnaires.
Data analysis and interpretation
SSPS will be used in the analysis to the data. Statistical package including the mean, median and percentages will be employed in the analysis. Interpretation of the data will be based on the reliability, relevance as well as efficiency of the data that will be collected. Finally, the results will be represented in the use of line and bar graphs, pie charts and tables (Chapin, 2004, p. 93).
Time frame
The research project will be completed within approximately five weeks. The first week will involve organization of all materials that will be required to carry out the research. The second week will involve the organization and preparation of questionnaires and questions that will be used in the interview. In third week, the researcher will conduct a pilot survey of the population from which the data will be collected. The fourth week will involve the distribution of the questionnaires and gathering the necessary data. The fifth week will involve analysis and interpretation of the data as well as representing the results of the study.
The project is going to spend about 100 BD. This money will cover the questionnaires printing and distribution cost, traveling costs when going for the pilot survey and collecting of questionnaires and purchasing of all required materials among other miscellaneous. Notably, 50% of this money will be provided by the school projects program, and 30 % will be obtained from friends and relatives. I will contribute the remaining 20% of the required money from my savings.

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Kindly answer all the questions

What is your name?
Do you know about the Crown Prince international scholarship program?
Are you a potential beneficially, the current beneficiary or an alumni of CPISP?
Are you comfortable with the way CPISP’s selection criteria?
Do you think it is important to CPISP to increase the number of scholarships they offer annually?
Should alumni of CPISP commit themselves to paying a specific amount to the program upon securing a job?
What is your view of the program’s flexibility especially when one wishes to change course or university upon admission?
How can CPISP increase the number of students who benefit from their scholarship?
How important is CPISP to the future of Bahrain?
Does the CPISP motivate you to work hard in school?
Is it true that the CPISP helps the beneficiaries to be culturally diversified?

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