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Summary The topic on Crown Prince Scholarship holds a lot of significance to different stakeholders. Learners and members of the society would be able to…

The topic on Crown Prince Scholarship holds a lot of significance to different stakeholders. Learners and members of the society would be able to identify some of the education benefits accrued through the scholarship. Besides, international bodies that provide funds to facilitate the scholarship program would also be able to realize how important their efforts are. Subsequently, focusing on this topic would further encourage the international bodies to commit additional funds. Through this more needy students would secure an opportunity to study in leading universities. International students from needy backgrounds would be presented with critical information about the existence of this particular scholarship program. Moreover, topic would encourage numerous international students to pursue their studies in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This in return would be beneficial to Bahrain through enhanced global professionalism. It would be beneficial to Bahrain in that international students are likely to seek employment back home after completing their studies. In other words, the economy would have the required workforce. Interested students would also understand the basics of Crown Prince Scholarship. As a result, it would be easier for them to apply for the scholarship program since much information would be readily available to them through pursuing this topic.
The challenge with Crown Prince Scholarship is that they consider few students, hence, the need to increase the number of scholarships. In order resolve this challenge that might occur in Crown Prince Scholarship by increasing the number of students benefiting from these programs, the first criteria would be to consult many well-wishers to come out and sponsor brighter students in Bahrain. These well-wishers should come up with better criteria on how to evaluate the most appropriate students to the programs. In addition, for a student to qualify for the scholarship program s/he is supposed to fulfill the set criteria. The set criteria entail meeting the set GAP as well as SAT. The criteria are mainly set to make sure that only qualified students secures the scholarship program. Each year the students that qualify for the scholarship must involve ten female students and ten male students. In addition, it is a requirement that recipient of this particular scholarship need to have registered in grade eleven. The recipient of the scholarship also needed to have a minimum of 97% GPA in grade ten.  Besides, the learners who secure this scholarship program are required to take their studies in either international colleges or universities. Nonetheless, the students are given an opportunity to pick their program of choice and institutions within Australia, Singapore, Europe, Canada as well as United States. Students tend to be shortlisted based on their GPAs as well as qualifying test scores. Subsequently, final recipients are picked based on their scores, GPA, IELTS scores, leadership and critical thinking training results. The results are normally audited by an independent firm to guarantee transparency as well as accuracy during the selection process.
On the other hand, researchers need to schedule adequate time in order to accomplish different milestones of their research. Having a research question in mind is also important for researchers. Through this researchers would be in position to achieve the main objective of the study. In addition, it is necessary for researchers to use credible sources when undertaking their studies. There is need to research online and offline in order to facilitate acquisition of right materials. Moreover, it is vital to ask for help from professors and other relevant parties. For instance, a researcher can seek information pertaining how to evaluate sources.
Theoretical knowledge of Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program
Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program is a program established in the year 1999 with the aim of giving fully-funded undergraduate education scholarships to the outstanding Bahraini Secondary school learners at the top international colleges and universities of their choice (CPISP 2012). The scholarship support higher education through provision of training and scholarships. To be more specific, CPISP offers ten scholarships yearly to about five outstanding male students and five outstanding female students from both private and governmental secondary schools. Subsequently, the CPISP program assists recipients to apply and choose universities overseas based on the student’s desired fields of future careers and study ambitions (CPISP 2011).
The CPISP program covers the bachelor’s degrees, master’s degree as well as doctoral degrees. Furthermore, the CPISP program covers all the student-related expenses from tuition, accommodation expenses, insurance, allowances and administration expenses as well as airfares.In addition, the program gives its beneficiaries with greater opportunities to participate in extra educational enrichment programs. Subsequently, the CPISP program provides IELTS and SAT preparation courses and communication training, leadership, internships and critical thinking to qualifying students applying for the scholarships as its key selection process. In addition, scholarship programs provide further internship opportunities as well as career-related training to willing or applying students after they receive their scholarships(CPISP 2013).
Ideally, the CPISP program duration differs for every beneficiary, depending on educational system in each institution and the level of degree programs the recipient are pursuing. For instance, in governmental institutions, learners are enrolled in boarding or preparatory boarding institutions for two years, prior to beginning their undergraduate studies. The scholarship program remainsto offer support for the scholars in order to attain the postgraduate degrees upon completion of the undergraduate levels few years in work experience (CPISP 2012). After the learners are shortlisted, they undertake training on communication and leadership to improve their abilities, prior to the final selection. Besides the training on leadership and communication skills, the pupils also undergo more preparation on their IELTS and SAT exams. Furthermore, the students are taken though several seminars and trainings where they are able to intermingle with mentors to enhance their abilities (CPISP, 2011). This process not only improves their skills but it ensures that the learners selected to the program are the brightest, most ambitious and most motivated. Supporting students with different types of talents enhances the development of the country.
Generally, to qualify for the CPISP program, learners should be Bahraini Citizens and should be enrolled in eleventh grade or those set in graduating from various secondary schools across Bahrain (CPISP 2012). To be more specific, any student whose citizenship is not Bahraini does not qualify for the scholarship. In addition, to be considered or to qualify for the CPISP program, students should have attained a cumulative GPA of 97 per cent or should have an average for GPA ten and grade eleven for the first semester (CPISP n.d.). This implies that any students who score a cumulative GPA below 97 per cent automatically get disqualified for the program and thus does not enjoy the benefits that come with the CPISP program. Further, for students who meet all the applications criteria, they should submit all their applications to scholarship office in the Court of Crown Prince as from 7:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m within the application period. In addition, while applying for the CPISP program students should submit application form which is fully completed and typed in English. Despite the general questions on the application form, there are several personal questions including extracurricular activities as well as future ambitions which are not necessarily counted as part of final scholarship section. Further, during application of CPISP program students are required to attach their official transcript of both grades 10 and 11 which should be translated to English for easier analysis(CPISP 2013). In addition, there should be a letter of reference attached from the secondary school director or teachers where the students were studying which come hand in hand with a copy of the passport as well as recent passport picture of the student.
Selectionfor Criteria for the CPISP program
The program has a well-developed specialized criterion used in shortlisting students as well as selecting final beneficiaries. First, the CPISP vetting board brief the 11th grade learners who have high GPA on the CPISP program and the application criteria through school visits and presentations. Later students submit their application forms to CPISP office in the specified annual deadline and then sit for the qualifying application tests which are aimed to evaluate their proficiency in English as well as their critical reasoning capabilities. During selection for the CPISP program, students undergo a thorough and transparent procedure where they all the relevant documents are scrutinized.
Ideally, students undertake a qualifying test which is administered face to face, via email or through school address. Further, this test is usually done online or it is completed and answers sent in form of attachment by e-mail during application submission period. In addition, selection criteria such as SAT are also employed in ensuring consistency and ensuring that only the best students who are in need benefits from the scholarship program when selecting students. Further, during selection, the vetting board is also keen on gender of the students since only ten brightest as well as most motivated female and male graduates benefit from the crown prince scholarship of Bahrain each year.Ideally, only the brightest graduates are qualified to get the CPISP based on their merit. To be more specific, the most important selection criteria utilized include the IELTS scores, the SAT, Grade Point Average as well as the result of the training programs that are organized by CPISP.To be more specific, in the candidacy period, CPISP staffs works hand in hand with the local institutions and make necessary arrangements for the students to participate in leadership training and critical thinking and provides foundational courses in order to prepare them for SAT and IELTS exams (CPISP 2012).
About sixty students are shortlisted based on the GPAs as well as the qualifying test scores which then results in selection of final beneficiaries.The final beneficiaries are usually selected based on their scores and leadership training as well as critical thinking results. Indeed, selection criteria for the students include students’ grades and scores which are reviewed by independent auditing organization in ensuring transparency and accuracy of the selection criteria.In addition, the candidates receive career path and personality assessment, complete the Level 3 certificates in Team Leading from Chartered Management Institute, participate in academic writing courses as well as attend the guest lectures on numerous topics linked to their career and academic plans.
Application of the Criteria
The final selection criteria are based on the five theses. First, the auditing firm assesses the students GPA which should be at least 30%. Secondly, the auditing firm assesses the SAT-Math score which should not be less than 25% for applying students. In addition, the auditing team should assess SAT-writing score which should not fall below 5% and their SAT critical reading score which should not fall below 6%. Similarly, the auditing firm assesses the student’s critical thinking score to ensure it does not fall below 4% for qualifying students.  Finally, the auditing firm should assess the student’s IELTS score to ensure it does not fall below 25% for applying students.
Tip and Recommendations Researcher Section
Some of the key issues that the researcher should consider is the errors that exist in the program which sponsor only very few students. This would be achieved by increasing the number of students benefiting from this scholarship program without increasing the cost; hence, resulting in quite a relatively large number of students benefiting from this program. Some of the most important the researcher should consider the GPA score of the students during selection. In addition, the researcher should also consider the critical thinking of the students for selection where students with high critical thinking level are given the first priority. Further the auditing board should research more on student’s past performance before selecting the students as one of the beneficiary of the CPISP program.
Knowledge Learned and Gained
After pursuing the topic on Crown prince international scholarship program, the researcher learned different things. For example, the researcher gained knowledge that the scholarship program has a specialized process of shortlisting the qualified students. The researcher also realized that for the students to qualify for the scholarship need a high GPA score. Moreover, it came to the researcher’s attention that students are supposed to have enrolled for grade 11. There is a strict standard for selecting the students for the scholarship program. The researcher further realized that the selection procedure is normally accurate and transparent in that independent auditors are involved. In addition, the researcher learned that recipients of this scholarship program are given a chance to select their field of interest. Moreover, the researcher found out that students are only given an opportunity to only study in international colleges or universities of their selection. Besides, students pursuing this scholarship are supposed undertake critical thinking course as well as leadership training. Further, the researcher gained knowledge that through the scholarship facilitates cultural exposure to students of Bahrain. Subsequently, the scholarship is beneficial to the development of Kingdom of Bahrain. Additionally, the researcher realized that the program also depends on international bodies for the needed funds. The students have an opportunity to study in nations, such as United States of America, Australia, Canada and Singapore. Therefore, students are likely to join some of the reputable institutions. Through this, the researcher realized that the Kingdom of Bahrain gains in terms of gaining more qualified professionals.
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