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View the commercials in the Commercial Analysis folder on Blackboard and choose one to write an analytical essay about. Remember that a good analysis should…

View the commercials in the Commercial Analysis folder on Blackboard and choose one to write an analytical essay about. Remember that a good analysis should include a brief background about and summary of the commercial before it delves into examining the various parts and messages of the commercial. Your analysis should contain a thesis statement that captures the one main point you want to make about this commercial. The body of your essay should consider the details that make up the commercial and how those details support your point about the commercial.
Be sure to review the notes about analysis that are posted in the Summary vs. Analysis PowerPoint on Blackboard. You may also want to review your notes and classwork from the days we discussed the “She brings home the bacon, but can he fry it up?” clothes advertisement and Modes of Appeals in Commercials activity. These are all tools you can use for analyzing your commercial.
If you’re having trouble starting, consider the following questions:

Who is the target audience for this ad? How do I know this?
What is the ad’s stated (explicit) message?
Is there an implied message to the audience? An unintended message?
What assumptions does this ad ask me to make?
How do the advertisers want me to feel about the commercial? How do the advertisers want me to feel about the product?
How do things like the music, setting, lighting, and colors reinforce the commercial’s stated message or implied message?

Your essay should follow the academic essay pattern (see the Academic Essays: Parts of an Essay Prezi in Moodle) that we discussed in class, meaning it has an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You should develop a thesis statement for your essay, as well as clear, distinct claims that support that thesis. Be sure to use transitions when moving from one idea to the next, and refer to specific details in the ad to support your claims. For instance, if you think the ad is targeting middle-aged men, then mention the details that make you think that and explain why those detailswould appeal to this demographic.
Remember to cite your commercial. It is the only source that should be listed on your works cited page. The citation for a commercial should follow the pattern below. If you don’t have certain information for your commercial, skip that item and include the information that you do have.
Company. “Name of Commercial.” YouTube, Date commercial was posted. Url.
Klabin. “Coca -Cola Christmas: Arctic Beach Party.” YouTube, 14 Dec. 2006.


You are not trying to get someone to buy this product. You are explaining HOW the commercial tries to sell its product.
To understand how the commercial sells its product, it’s important to study the different parts of the commercial and how they work together to create a certain effect on the viewer. In other words, you must analyze the commercial to see how it grabs the audience’s attention, connects with the audience, and convinces the audience this product is amazing.
Start with the brainstorming web posted in Blackboard. List all of the parts that make up the commercial, such as sound, visuals, dialogue, characters, and so on. Rewatch your commercial paying close attention to each of these elements. Some commercials will rely more on some elements than others, so consider which of these elements your commercial relies on most.

Commercials for Analysis:
Tide Hoodies Cargo Shorts

Cleaning is Easier with Morty and Lee

Dr. Pepper 10

Dos Equis

Sprite Commercial

Amazon Prime Commercial “Lion”

Duracell Hearing Aid Commercial: Stay Connected

Coca-Cola: Arctic Beach Party

Nike: Come Out of Nowhere

Direct TV commercial – Don’t Wake Up in a Roadside Ditch

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