[Solution]Module 1: Overview & Outcomes: PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Project management is one of the most useful and broadly applicable skills one can learn. Everywhere we look there are projects. Some projects are already…

Project management is one of the most useful and broadly applicable skills one can learn. Everywhere
we look there are projects. Some projects are already completed, like buildings, software programs,
movies, and videos, or a new model of car or truck. Other projects are in-process, like roadway
improvements and tax and financial reporting seasons. There are even projects that are in the planning
stage, such as city-wide installation of Wi-Fi or the next model of computer processor.
Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities in
order to meet project requirements. The nine knowledge areas of project management are:
Project integration management
Project scope management
Project time management
Project cost management
Project quality management
Project human resource management
Project communications management
Project risk management
Project procurement management
Each knowledge area has its own set of inputs, tools, and techniques, and outputs. Each knowledge
area plays a vital role in the success of the project. The project manager ’s role is also critical to the
success of the project.
In this course, you will investigate the various facets of project management, including planning and
completing the documentations for a project of your own design. This module lays the foundation for all
activities in this course as it provides the basic terminology of project management. This includes the
definition of a project, how a project differs from everyday work, the project life cycle, the project
manager and the project team, and how a project begins in a business or city.
Course Outcomes (CO)
https://excelsior.instructure.com/courses/8735/pages/module-1-overview-and-outcomes?module_item_id=782353 1/2
10/24/2018 Module 1: Overview & Outcomes: IT390: PROJECT MANAGEMENT OCT2018 30061140 [8wk]
The course outcomes that will be addressed in this module are:
CO1: Describe essential project management and project manager terms, definitions, and concepts.
CO2: Describe the roles organizational structure and culture play in planning, executing, and
managing a project, as well as organizational project selection considerations and techniques.
CO9: Acquire writing skills necessary for success in higher education and in professional careers.
Module Outcomes (MO)
By the end of this module, you will be able to:
MO1: Identify the stages and activities associated with each stage in the project life cycle. (CO# 1)
MO2: Describe how a project is related to a business’s mission and value statements. (CO# 1, 2)
MO3: Describe two distinct portfolio methods for managing multiple projects within the same
business. (CO# 1)
MO4: Choose a topic for your term project. (CO# 1)

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