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What should my paper be about? Part 1:Create an annotated bibliography of at least 8journal articles or relevant book chapters (beyond what you cited in…

What should my paper be about?
Part 1:Create an annotated bibliography of at least 8journal articles or relevant book chapters (beyond what you cited in the first paper). For each source, you should write an APA style citation and 2-3 sentences about how that source relates to your paper. Your bibliography should include several different authors (not 8 papers by the same author).
Part 2:We would like you to revise your first paper based on our comments. You do not have to come with a new topic or study/policy idea. Just work to improve what you submitted already based on the feedback we gave.
Part 1: Annotated bibliography
90-100: You present 8+ academic sources that are clearly related to your topic. They don’t have to directly address the research question presented in your paper (maybe no one has asked that specific question!), but you provide a clear justification for why it is in your bibliography. You also present work from several different authors.
Part 2: Revision of paper 1
Your paper will be graded based on how much your paper improves from your first submission. If possible, use Word’s “Track Changes” feature so that we can see what you changed (I will demonstrate this in class).
Original grade + 11-15 points: You did an excellent job revising the paper. You might have added a major component that was missing from Paper 1. Your revised paper provides a well-written observation, a clear connection to the course, and a carefully thought-out study/policy. All elements connect to each other – your observation and connection to the literature should be clearly related to the study you propose. If you propose a hypothesis, it is clear how that hypothesis is tested and you include relevant measures (from previous literature or that you design yourself). You used the sources in your annotated bibliography to improve your paper.
What is APA format?
This is the citation format developed by the American Psychological Association. Examples:
Journal article citation:Sellers, R. M., Smith, M. A., Shelton, J. N., Rowley, S. A., &Chavous, T. M. (1998). Multidimensional model of racial identity: A reconceptualization of African American racial identity. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 2(1), 18-39.doi: 10.1207/s15327957pspr0201_2
Chapter citation: Sameroff, A. (2009). The transactional model. In A. Sameroff (Ed.), The transactional model of development: How children and contexts shape each other (pp. 3-21). Washington, DC, US: American Psychological Association.
You can find these on Google Scholar by clicking the “ icon and copying the version listed under APA (circled in red). We will not be sticklers about grading this format, so if you copy the Google Scholar version and there are small issues, you will not be penalized.

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