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There continues to be an alarming number of mass shootings in America.According to Gun Violence Archive, there have been 1,560 additional mass shootings (defined as…

There continues to be an alarming number of mass shootings in America.According to Gun Violence Archive, there have been 1,560 additional mass shootings (defined as four or more victims injured or killed), since the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, in which 20 children and six educators died.
Too often, through the media, these horrendous acts of violence are blamed on mental illness.  For example, in this recent article found on the intern listing the 10 deadliest mass shootings in modern US history, “mental health issues” was named as the motive behind the shootings 50%of the time ( www.marketwatch.com/story/these-are-the-10-deadliest-mass-shootings-in-us-history-2017-10-02). What constitutes mental illness being the motive or the contributing factor to such violent acts?  That will be the assignment.
Identify two different mass shooting cases in which the perpetrator’s mental illness, or mental health problems, were alleged to have contributed to the violent act. You will find evidence to either debunk that misbelieve or find evidence to support that belief of mental illness.  Using your textbookPsychology in Everyday Life (4th ed)as a reference, allow these sections to guide the development of your term paper:
Chapter 13, Psychological Disorders
Learning Objectives 13 & 13-1

How should we define psychological disorders?
How should we classify psychological disorders?
How can we use labels to guide treatment without stigmatizing people or excusing their behavior?
How should we draw the line between normal behavior and psychological disorders?

Learning Objectives 13-4

How and why do clinicians classify psychological disorders, and why do some psychologists criticize the use of diagnostic labels?

Learning Objectives 13-5
·         What are the main anxiety disorders, and how do anxiety disorders differ from the ordinary worries and fears we all experience?

Learning Objectives 13-14
·         What are the main mood disorders, and how do mood disorders differ from the ordinary sadness and pessimism we all experience?

Learning Objectives 13-17
·         What patterns of thinking, perceiving, and feelings characterize schizophrenia, and how do symptoms of schizophrenia differ from the ordinary or acceptable grandiose thoughts and perceptions one may have, that we all experience and accept?
Your assignment should be 2-3 pages plus title and reference pages
All assignments MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and must be written with college level English.
Your paper will be 2-3 pages plus title and reference pages. There should be at least 4 professional references, using APA format.One professional reference will be your textbook;a second professional reference must be the DSM-5, which is referenced in section 13-4 of your text book.  The remaining two references must meet criteria for a professional peer reviewedsource.  Wikipedia is not a professional reference.  Professional reference documents should be retrieved from your library database source.  This can be done in person or via online retrieval.
Remember, the focus of the paper should be on psychological disorders or mental illness, and not on the actual case you are using as a reference. You can briefly identify the allegations of mental problems claimed in the media, such as it was reported the shooter had major depression and was not taking his medication.  From here, you should focus on the signs and symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder, and supporting or debunking this belief based in the peer reviewed literature you have researched about the disorder.  You may reference some of the information about the perpetrator’s lifestyle, but only to reference signs and symptoms of the alleged mental illness.  For example, you may say, it was reported the perpetrator had poor hygiene at his job over the past 3 months and withdrew from all of his previously enjoyed social activities.  Then you can use this information about the perpetrator to support or debunk the specific mental illness claimed.  You should pick Schizophrenia as one of your disorders to validate or debunk and then the second disorder can come from either the mood disorders or the anxiety disorders.
You will be responsible for providing a scholarly paper.Remember, this is a college level paper, so I would expect it to be written at that level.  The papers should be written in APA format.  Again, the papers turned in must be written in APA format.  You must have no less than 4 SCHOLARLY references, but as many as you will need to provide an in-depth report. The report should be between 2-3 pages.  I have only given you a topic; you must research that topic to get the full story or case.  There is much more to each of the cases, but you must research and investigate.  Your effort will be reflected in your paper.  You must also incorporate the Learning Objectives listed above, but you can discuss others from outside references.
I am looking to each of you thinking critically and bringing different viewpoints and other factors that may not be obvious.  The point of this assignment is to bridge theory with real life.  Bring the information in the text to real life and make it relevant in our lives.
Have fun with this assignment.You should meet with a representative from your school’s library to get help on retrieving peer reviewed articles to use as research for this assignment.

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