[Solution]Capstone Project–Presentation and Evaluation Instructions

NOTE:Youwill createtwo new electronicfiles for thisassignment insteadof typing directlyinto thisdocument.   Overview:CapstoneProject–Presentation and Evaluation   Your projectshould representhigh-qualitywork–something you would expectto see in a professional…

NOTE:Youwill createtwo new electronicfiles for thisassignment insteadof typing directlyinto thisdocument.
Overview:CapstoneProject–Presentation and Evaluation
Your projectshould representhigh-qualitywork–something you would expectto see in a professional setting. Perhaps youremployerwill be interestedinfacilitating itsuse in areal-life situation!
You will upload your PowerPoint for grading. You will also upload theformsordocumentsyouwould useforevaluation(two evaluation toolswill be created) ofyourinformation dissemination.These mightbein theform ofinformalobservation recordsand/or formaltestsor questionnaires. (This evaluation portion will be submitted as one Word document. See below for all that must be included). There is a separate portal for each portion of the assignment in Blackboard.
Design evaluation tools to accompany yourproject.
Locate peer-reviewed articles discussing evidence-based nursingpractice.
Design evaluationtools toaccompany your project.


Accurate (70 Points)
Accuratepresentation ofcontentwith differentiation
betweenfactsand opinions;well organized with in text citations for useful sources (at least 9). 10-15 content slides with comprehensive speaker notes.
(70 Points)
Essentialinformationis included but speaker notesand/orslideslack depth and need additionalcontent and/ or lacking in text citations for useful sources. Outside the required 10-15 content slides.
(40 Points)
Errorsincontent specificinformationor lackofreferences prohibitusein professionalsetting
(0 Points)

Required References
(10 Points)
All 9 references included
(10 points)
Less than 9 required references
(0 points)

Attractive (10 Points)
Professional, appropriateforsetting withnospellingor grammarerrors; designedwith appropriateuseof color,graphics,and fonts. Up to 5 points will be deducted if images used are not cited. No APA errors in references.
(10 Points)
One or more spelling or grammar errors; design missing graphics and/ or inappropriate fonts. Up to 5 points will be deducted if images used are not cited. 1-2 APA errors in references.
(5 Points)
Designor grammar/spelling errorsprohibit readingor understanding content and if images used are not cited. 3 or more APA errors in references.
(0 Points)

Appropriate (10 Points)
Developmentallyand ageappropriatefor audience;withinthe appropriatetime frame (clock time 20-30 minutes)
(10 Points)
Not Developmentallyand/ or ageappropriatefor entire target audience and/ or inappropriatetime frame for content delivery
(5 Points)
Project inappropriate for profession use as notdevelopmentally orageappropriatefor audience; and / or project lengthis tooshortor toolong
(0 Points)



Evaluation(50 Points)
Appropriate evaluationtool(s)to assessbothqualityof presentationand achievementof outcomes.
(50 Points)
Appropriate evaluationtool(s)to assess eitherqualityof presentationor achievementof outcomes.
(25 Points)
Evaluationtool(s) inadequatefor effectiveassessment of both components
(0 Points)

Professional(10 Points)
Professionalformat withoutspellingerrors (this includes evaluation forms)
(10 Points)
Format withspelling and/ grammarerrors and/ or missing evaluation forms
(5 Points)
Errorsinformattingand/ or spellingand grammar prohibit use in professional setting present
(0 Points)

Grid (20 points)
Grid is present, complete, with accurate SMART objectives; and APA references specific to the topic
(20 points)
Contains errors, is inaccurate, or missing required information with missing grid
(10 points)
Grid not included in submission
(0 points)

APA Format (20 points)
UTACONformatand reference page listedinAPA formatwitha
minimumofninepeer reviewedsources
(20 Points)
Errors in Title page and/ or Reference page including  inaccurate information and APA errors
(10 Points)
Titlepageincludes errorsand  referenceswith inaccurateformat;
(0 Points)

You willcreate your project’spresentationandevaluationtoolsasan electronicfiles.
PowerPoint Portion of Assignment (Assignment 2):
You will submitaPowerPointpresentationcontainingatitleslide,10-15 slideseach with comprehensive contentdemonstrating useofyourpeer-reviewed sources,andreference slides.Remember toinclude asourceforeachimageorgraphicincludedon theslides; thisis easiestdonedirectlyonthe slide under ornexttothe image.Your “talkingpoints”are considered speakernotesand shouldcontain20-30 minutesof “talk time.” Informationread directlyfrom theslide shouldbe included inthe speakernotes.Werecommend you time yourselfwhile readingyourspeakernotestodetermine ifyourpresentationiswithin the 20-30 minutesforcontent. Your speaker notes should be written exactly as you would be speaking to your audience. You do need to include citations in your speaker notes. Be sure to include all of your references on the reference slide(s).
Evaluation Portion of Project (Assignment 3):
(This will be one document with all of the following included in that document)
Title Page
Create atitle page according tothestandard for the UTACollege ofNursing.
Evaluation (2 Tools are required – one for quality and one for content)
You maycreatea newWorddocumentfor mostofthetypesofevaluation toolsyou would use,such astests, questionnaires,chartsforobservations notes, etc. Createtwo evaluationtools.Include all in thesamefile asseparatepages with clearheadingsand instructionsdesignatingthe use ofeachtool.
Other typesofevaluation toolsyoumight use aredatabasesor spreadsheets. Itis important that you designsuchtoolssothat you need only to upload andsubmitonefile, though,soif you use a combination ofWord documentsandspreadsheets, copy/pastethe contentsofthe spreadsheetsintotheWorddocument to createasinglefile.
Evaluation form requirements: You must submit two evaluation forms. One form will address evaluation of content (example: a post-test or survey, audit form) and one form will address quality (rate the presentation, speaker, and environment; consider using a Likert scale). Remember you will create both forms for this assignment. Do not copy forms from other sources.  Include the time, place, and who you presented presentation. Also, discussion on the methods you used to evaluate your project.  Include why the method, how you will use the results, and plans for improvement.
You will include the full completed grid from Module 3. Please be sure to make any needed changes based on feedback from your coach.
Evaluation Paragraph
You must include at least a paragraph (minimum 100 words) to discuss the methods to evaluate your Project. Include why the method you have chosen to evaluate the project is appropriate. Include in your paragraph how will you will take results from the evaluation and change or improve the presentation.
Reference Page
Create a formal reference page including all of your nine (or more) references from your project. Please be sure to use formal APA format. Refer to your APA manual for any questions.

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