[Recommended]BLOG POST ASSIGNMENT Help-Introduce yourself, upload a selfie (helps me know who you are faster), and how do you consume popular culture

BLOG POST ASSIGNMENT SHEETAll blog posts due 11pm on your WordPress blog. Please make sure your URL for your blog is on theGoogle Doc that…

BLOG POST ASSIGNMENT SHEETAll blog posts due 11pm on your WordPress blog. Please make sure your URL for your blog is on theGoogle Doc that your mentor will set up. Please cite ALL of your sources in MLA or APA (you can also useChicago Manual of Style (CMS)), but you need to cite everything you use including the articles, film,games, and books you read for your blog posts. You can Google Purdue Owl, and APA or MLA and thatsite will show you how to cite in those styles.With the weekly reading responses an questions, you can either integrate the responses to the readingsin with your overall discussion OR you can respond to each article in separate paragraphs. It’s up to you.Rubric—20 points—you responded to ALL of the assigned readings for the week, and to what is asked for eachweek (see below). All of your sources are cited, and you wrote a minimum of 500 words.17 points—you responded to all of the above, but forgot to cite your sources OR you didn’t respond toone of the assigned articles.10 points—you didn’t respond to the readings, but did respond to the questions below for each week.OR you responded to the readings, but not the questions below for each week. Or you wrote less than500 words.0 points—Oops! You forgot to post your blog (or you just didn’t do it)! Remember—always hit“Publish” or your post will save to your drafts, and I can’t access it. If that happens, go back and hit“Edit” and then “Update”. This should help you publish if you forgot.Blog Post #1—Due Friday 1/18 @11pmIntroduce yourself, upload a selfie (helps me know who you are faster), and how do you consume popular culture.Why do you engage in the forms of pop culture that you do, and how do you think pop culture/advertising andmarketing influence your consumer decisions—the choices you make in terms of what/what not to purchase,wear, eat etc…—do you even think about it? Discuss your thoughts about living in a consumer culture based on thereadings in Chapter 1 of Introducing Popular Culture and from watching The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. What areyour thoughts about advertising, marketing, and their place, influence in our society today. Can our popularculture also be a source of creating awareness and change because of its accessibility to a wider audience? FYI,There are no right or wrong answers.Blog Post #2—Due Friday 1/25 @11pmFor this post, you get to be a film critic Read the assigned readings for the past two weeks (they are all under theDocumentaries: Measuring Impact/Reality Television as Journalism section on D2L), then choose a documentaryfilm, docuseries, reality t.v./food or travel show of your choice. Review the documentary/t.v. show in terms of howwell it not only creates awareness about the issue in the documentary/show, but does it offer solutions, does itneed to? Note that sometimes creating awareness is the first step toward creating change, but somedocumentaries now also offer solutions. How does the cinematography, music, images, interviews etc…help theviewer understand what the issues are. Is it too biased, or does it do a good job of providing a mostly objectiveviewpoint. Refer back to the three articles that you read about measuring impact in documentary film, and assesswhether the documentary you chose should be measured for impact or not, and why/why not? Reflect on yourthoughts about Sweatshop: Deadly Fashion and Parts Unknown “Beruit” in terms of using reality television andfood/travel shows as a form of journalism.Blog Post #3—Due Friday 2/1 @11pmDiscuss your personal experience reading both Persepolis and March#3, as well as the essay you chose fromJournalism. How was it learning about war through a graphic novel and short form comics? Also, reflect on thediscussions you had in class this week on the two books. Respond to the articles Columbia Journalism Review “HowComics Journalism Brings Stories to Life”, “ Comic Journalism, Comic Activism”, and to “Comics Studies: Persepolisand Fun Home”(Under Required Readings under /Graphic Memoir/Comics Journalism section on D2L). Discuss theidea of “hot” vs “cool” mediums in terms of comics and film. Discuss the ways in which the essay you focused on inJournalism was similar or different to the news article you found on the same subject. What are your thoughts onusing a comics or graphic novel format to bring awareness to war, trauma, immigration, violence, class inequities,race etc…? What are your thoughts about the Madaya Mom, and ABC News International’s collaboration withMarvel Comics to report on war?Blog Post #4—Due Friday 2/8 @11pmOn your blog, discuss the two superhero comics that you chose to read from the list on the syllabus, and discussthe ways in which the comic reflects diversity, social issues, and popular culture. Also, discuss the history of thecomic and the author (s). From the list of articles on D2L under “Western Comics and Diversity” subsection, choosetwo articles and reflect on them. Also, discuss your thoughts about The 99: Origins and what it is trying to sayabout diversity and heroism.Blog Post #5—Due Friday 2/15 @11pmDiscuss your thoughts and experience watching Princess Mononoke, and reading the article “Why PrincessMononoke is More Relevant 20 Years Later”. Why do you think the film is still relevant in terms of war,environmentalism, and the effects of war on the environment? In your opinion, is watching an animated film(entertainment format with a strong message built in) more or less effective than a documentary in terms ofimpact on the viewer in terms of environmental degradation? Or are they both effective?Blog Post #6—Due Friday 2/22 @11pmDiscuss and review one of the games that you played from Games for Change Organization. What game was it andwhat was its format (meaning puzzle game, exploration game, arcade style game, simulation game etc…)? Whatwas the purpose of the game (educational, raise a social issue or issue of diversity, news related, health related,LBGTQ etc…)? Did it work as an engaging game, if so or if not why? What was the game’s purpose and was thateffectively relayed in the game play? How did the game relate to what you read in the Reality is Broken chapter?What are your thoughts about the use of games (video, board, card etc…) as formats to help raise awareness andunderstanding about various social issues AND/OR as a form of social activism as was discussed in McGonagil’sChapter 12?
The post BLOG POST ASSIGNMENT Help-Introduce yourself, upload a selfie (helps me know who you are faster), and how do you consume popular culture .
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