[Solution]How has technology contributed to the rapid spread of globalization?

Globalization and Its Discontent Length: About 2000 words (7 pages: double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. Font, standard margins) Paper Topic: Students are free…

Globalization and Its Discontent
About 2000 words (7 pages: double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. Font, standard margins)
Paper Topic:
Students are free to choose their paper topic as long as they can demonstrate a strong connection between their paper topic and the themes discussions of our course.
The paper may explore the economic, political, technological, sociological, cultural, ideological, ecological, legal, and other dimensions of globalization.
The paper, however, must not be very vague, abstract, or superficial but rather should produce a nuanced and critical analysis of a particular problem/challenge/question regarding a concrete case or set of cases utilizing the theoretical and analytical frames discussed in the course.
Criteria for Grading:
I will grade your paper based on following criteria:
Honesty. You must make take the utmost care to keep your paper free of plagiarism.
Your paper should demonstrate that you have seriously thought through your question and/or argument and you have put serious effort in doing the research.
The quality of the sources/data you use is usually a good indicator.
Organization and coherence of your paper.
Your paper should make sense – be logical and be clear.
All the parts of the paper – introduction, body, conclusion – should fit together to create a coherent meaning.
Your paper should be interesting to read.
Scholarly format and tone.
Your paper should look like a scholarly paper and should have a formal scholarly tone.
Citation of your sources should be proper and consistent.
Quality of Writing
Good grammar, clear sentences, absence of spelling mistakes and typos are important.
Framing Question and/or An Argument
The point of the paper is to answer a question or to make an argument. Your paper will have to have a thesis. Your paper should make a point.
There could be number of supporting points or sub-theses. However the paper should be organized? around a me main point/theme.
So start the project with a well defined question or argument. As? you formulate your question or argument keep in mind that you only have limited space and limited resources and time to answer your question or prove your argument. So think seriously about what is possible to do given the scope of the paper and resources you have available.
Your central question or the argument could be tentative at the beginning and may change during the course of your research and writing.
However, your conclusion should be strong and complete. By the end of the paper you should be able to answer your question and/or provide data and analysis to support your argument.
In doing your research about a particular issue or a case you should consider the following two categories of information:
Theoretical Literature – what other scholars and experts are saying about the topic, what are some of the accepted conclusions or consensus about the topic, what are some of the controversies, debates, and disagreements surrounding the topic.
Data, statistics, examples that will help you understand and analyze the topic.
Finding Resources
Consult the texts used? and discussed in class and look up references (Foot Notes) there.
You may do web searches to see what people – academic and non academics – are saying about the issue in order to gain an understanding of the lay of the land.
Read? newspapers and magazine articles
Use the library to search and look through online academic journals
Find and read books related to the topic.
Good Source v. Bad source
Keep in mind that you are not going to use everything you read or find while doing your research. Do not get overly committed to a particular source.
Acceptable Sources
Books, published by university presses and major publishers.
Academic Journals or Periodicals
Data, reports, and papers produced by Governmental, Intergovernmental Organizations, Research Institutes, Think Tanks
Major Magazines , News Papers, and News Outlets
Writing your paper
Your paper should contain clearly defined parts.
Introduction – Hook or interest your reader about your paper topic. Present your thesis and give your reader a context. Give a preview of what is to come.
Body – elaboration – point by point. Your paper should have multiple paragraphs, each making a point or a part of the general argument. There should be continuity and flow from one paragraph to other.
Conclusion – give a sense of what you accomplished in the paper – whether you have been able to successfully answer the question that motivated your paper or whether you have been able to supply good data and argumentations supporting your argument.

Incorporate the Sources in body of the paper
As you discuss ideas and arguments of certain authors and texts, be sure to refer to them. You can use phrases like according to the author X, the text Y? argues, I understand the author X? to be saying, etc. to incorporate the authors and texts you use.
Alternatively, you can make a statement followed by citation of sources that support your statement in bracket. The Format should be —– Sentence. (The last name of the author year of publication. For example —- There have been many studies that demonstrate negative impact of smoking on human bodies. (Author X YEAR)
If you use any direct quote in your essay, be sure to place them within quotation marks – “XXXX” – and give specific page numbers of the text in which you found the quotation. The proper way to cite information is to give the authors’ last names followed by year of publication and page number.
If you are referring to your sources without directly quoting them, just the last name of the author and year of publication will suffice.

List your sources at the end of the paper – reference or work cited or bibliography
Give a complete list of all the sources you used and cited in the body of your paper. The point of this section is to give enough information about your sources so that I (or any reader of your paper) can locate and check the source material, if I want to.
Just giving a name of a website and/or a link will NOT be acceptable.
List all your sources Alphabetically by the authors’ last name.
There are many styles for formatting the reference section – APA, MLA, Chicago style etc. You are free to choose any style you like. However, make sure that you choose one style and stick to it consistently.
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