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WEEK 5 Access the following sites and answer each following question. 1. http://iloveuselessknowledge.com/2015/01/04/more-people-have-been-killed-by-drowning-in-molasses-than-by-coyote-attacks/ Based on what you know now and what you see on that…

WEEK 5 Access the following sites and answer each following question. 1. http://iloveuselessknowledge.com/2015/01/04/more-people-have-been-killed-by-drowning-in-molasses-than-by-coyote-attacks/ Based on what you know now and what you see on that site, how should you treat the credibility of the claim? 2. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/molasses-flood-physics-science/ According to the Wikipedia article about the Great Molasses Flood, how many people were killed by a wave of rushing molasses? 3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coyote_attacks_on_humans According to the Wikipedia article about coyote attacks on humans, how many fatal coyote attacks on humans have been confirmed? Week 6 1. Imagine that you go into your home and see muddy footprints on the floor from shoes you know are not your own. Give examples of two plausible explanations and two unlikely explanations for the footprints. 2. Tyler and Grace water their amaryllis plant regularly, yet for some reason the plant withers and dies. Tyler suggests, “Maybe there was some peculiar property of this particular amaryllis that caused water molecules to react with the soil molecules and chemically change into arsenic molecules, and the arsenic poisoned the plant.” Which of the following is one of the drawbacks of Tyler’s proposed explanation? 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKA0htesJOA&feature=youtu.be In the situation presented in the video, what was in need of an explanation? Week 7 Anwar’s Dilemma: Anwar has lived in a small town in New Hampshire for most of his adult life, where he has a good job as a high school music teacher and spends a significant part of his time taking care of his aging father, whose health has declined in the last few years. His girlfriend of two years, Bridget, has gotten an offer for her dream job as a pastry chef at a high-end restaurant. The job is in New York City, and Bridget wants Anwar to relocate with her. Anwar is not sure what to do, largely because he knows that without someone checking in on his father regularly and running errands for him, Anwar’s father would most likely have to move to a nursing home. To make a decision, Anwar decides to go through the six steps of solving a problem. Anwar’s Dilemma: Generating Options Initially, Anwar thinks he only has two possible solutions to the problem—either he moves to New York with Bridget and abandons his aging father, or he stays near his father but breaks up with Bridget. But after spending time defining and analyzing the problem, Anwar realizes that there might be more than two options. When he gathered facts about the problem, he also learned that his sister, who lives an hour away, might be willing to drive over and visit their father more often. Anwar now moves on to the next step in the problem solving process and begins to generate options. He discusses his situation with his best friend Felix for ideas, and he also communicates frequently with his girlfriend and family members. Anwar imagines what the problem would be like if some key constraints were removed. Would he hesitate to move with his girlfriend if he didn’t have familial obligations in New Hampshire? If his girlfriend hadn’t gotten the job, would New York City still be a place Anwar could see himself relocating to? Now Anwar begins to jot down possible ways he could handle this problem, including both likely and unlikely options in his list. Break up with my girlfriend and remain in New Hampshire, caring for my father. Ask my sister to move closer to our father or at least check in on him more often, and then I could move to New York with my girlfriend. Move to New York with my girlfriend and bring my father to move in with me as well. Try and convince my girlfriend to turn down the job and stay in New Hampshire with me. Hire a caregiver to watch over my father and move to New York with my girlfriend. Stay in New Hampshire, caring for my father, and try to maintain a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend. Encourage my father to move into a nursing home, while I move to New York with my girlfriend. Answer the following questions about the material above. Which of the following is a strategy that Anwar uses when he is generating possible solutions to his problem? work backward talk to other people for ideas accomplish sub-goals explore potential causes Week 8 1. Explain how the following sentence could be read in two different ways: Da’Shawn gave her dog food. 2. Natalia claims, “Our society would be better off if we reformed education, improved the health care system, eliminated government waste, and stopped giving handouts to people who don’t deserve it.” Provide at least two examples of vague words or phrases in Natalia’s sentence that would need clarifying before you could truly understand and evaluate her argument. 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0HfwkArpvU&feature=youtu.be • How might someone who doesn’t speak English respond to this video differently from someone who is fluent in English? • Using one of the words depicted in the video, come up with a phrase that has an ambiguous meaning. Bottom of Form
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