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ABSTRACT A full description of our ideal organization (Khaled for Consultancy) has been written in detail. There is a brief explanation why we chose this…


A full description of
our ideal organization (Khaled for Consultancy) has been written in detail.
There is a brief explanation why we chose this field
and supported with mission and vision of our firm. Also, the firm’s structures,
culture, departments and work process have been mentioned. Finally, features
that distinguish us from others consulting firms.


Structure, Boundary-less Structure, Departmentalization, Functional Department,
Marketing, Work Specialization, Chain of
Command, Decentralized, Span of Control Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution
Techniques, Negotiation, Conflict, Communication, Social Media, Diversity,
Motivation, Job Satisfaction, Evaluation, Graphical
Rate Evaluation, Distributive Negotiation, Social Loafing, Human Resource
Policies, Personality Traits, Immigration, Philanthropy, Readiness to Change,
Flextime, Gym.


chances became way less; every waiting minute is a loss; life has changed a lot! Fierce competition among companies
has skyrocketed. Whenever you think of something, you will probably find dozens
of inventions. That is what we all hear all the time; do we have to give
up?  No of course, adding a small feature
on the
existing machines or devices can lead to an
unbelievable invention; this is my new inspiration, approach. Never kill
an idea inside your brain.               

big! My future plan is to create a consulting firm that fits the 21st-century needs. According to
Engineering Legacies website, “consulting firm is a professional service
that provides independent expertise in engineering, science and related areas
to governments, industries, developers,
and construction firms.” The major notion is to navigate, facilitate, and
minimize the knowledge gap that customers need for an agreed benefit. In other
words, when you want to buy a house or a car, you first would do your research
and you would consult someone who has an expertise in the same field, then you
decide whether proceed to your plan or discard it.
This is simply the consulting idea.

from the others’ experiences saves time and resources. From this perspective, I
am going to follow in the footsteps of McKinsey & company, a well-known
consulting firm. My goal is not only copying McKinsey organization, but also improving
the work dynamic for both employees and customers.

intention is to expand to cover all the life needs such as industries,
environment, education, finance, public sectors and more. As well as,
attracting thousands of sophisticated employees who are highly-trained and
creative with competitive wages. But focusing on
start big or concentrating on all aspects can cost us many resources and
result in undesirable
results. Therefore, in the initial step, we will settle down in the industry
field especially covering the engineering field. In the same manner, the size
of the firm is going to be a small size
for the first five years and we will grow up gradually until we become the best
consultancy example ever. Geographically, the United States, San Francisco city is where the first office will be opened
and then spread all over the world. Khaled for Consultancy-KFC is
going to be the name of the firm.     


KFC Company
will enrich the engineering field with
innovative and independent consultative solutions to achieve their determined
goals. Providing the world with unconventional and unthinkable ways to enhance
our client’s performance, overcome their dilemmas, and adjust their compass
needle to the right direction for the sake of increasing
their efficiency and reducing the waste of their resources. We strive and do
the impossible to make our clients’ dreams come true is what we stand for. We
also provide multiple services for our clients such as designing, implementing,
operating, and maintaining by arranging the best-fit
contractors. And yet, we breakdown and investigate the repeated mistakes that impede our client’s


integrity, and transparency with clients
are our first priority.  Also, building a
long-lasting relationship with current customers is valuable to us. KFC’s aim
is to deliver services that exceed our client’s expectations. For financial
matters, customers’ interests come before the firm interest. As well as, our
firm is keen to follow the highest standards that create an excellent work
environment for our employees. We are obligated to be up-to-date using the
latest management approaches and tactics. Moreover, gaining client’s trust and
confidence is mandatory for us which will lead our firm to be one of the most
respected organizations. We welcome the collaboration with our competitors in
the hope of producing a mutually beneficial relationship.    


firm will be built ina matrix structurewhich most consulting
organization are using. According to PMBOK Guide, “Matrix organization is a
blend of the projected and functional
organization structure” (Todd & Steve, 2013). It means an employee must
report two managers while he is progressing the assigned task. For example,
when a salesperson seeks a new project for our firm, he will be emailing to
both bosses: his direct manager (the sales manager in Planning Department) and
in the meantime, he will be contacting the specialists (Technical Department
Manager) looking if we can take the new project he found. Then the final
decision will be decided after a
discussion between both managers of the
possibility of taking this project will positively benefit our
organization. Having this type of structure will enrich our firm in many
aspects. This type of organizational structure will reduce the traditional
hierarchy and create a smooth flow system that will contribute of using our
resources efficiently and effectively. Also, the employee will be in contact with many other employees; so, the information
will be shared more easily which will speed up the decision-making process.
Additionally, the employee will have the chance to build up a self-management
skill that will increases his
satisfaction toward his role in the firm; as well as, it will produce a
motivated atmosphere for growth.                       

management hierarchy of the firm will be divided into three levels. One CEOwho
manages all project managers of the departments
and each project manager has two to three supervisors who will be in charge of
their teams. I could have made myself the CEO of the firm, but I would rather save this position for an expert manager
who is able to sail our ship (the firm) through the high waves.

the long-term goal, we are willing to modify our structure to be a Boundary-less structure (Organic
model). This structure has unique attributes that can remove all the
barriers of the vertical and the horizontal boundaries that weaken the
communication and the interactions between the firm members. Functional
departments can be transformed into cross-functional teams; consequently, the progress of the work would be faster.
Furthermore, the chain of command and
span of control will be highly minimized, so decision-making
and decentralized tools will be more vitalized. Under those circumstances, the
management will look flatter and show less formalization.

We could have established
our firm with this structure earlier, but I believe it is hard, to begin with a chaotic, less organized,
and ambiguous structure in the first day of work. We had better fully
understand the nature of the work, the employees’ capability of adopting this
kind of structure. Therefore, we will apply the organic model in a particular department and see the
ramifications before generalizing it all over the firm.

ORGANIZATION’S CULTURE                                                                          

Every organization has its
own culture. According to the Organizational Behavior, “Organizational culture
refers to a system of shared meaning held by members that distinguish the organization from other
organizations” (Robbins & Judge, 2013). Our firm has its unique personality
(culture) that combines two famous cultures: Outcome orientation, and
Innovation and risk taking. The former culture emphasizes the result and the
achievement that brings client satisfaction and an excellent reputation for our organization. Consequently, a firm that
has an exciting reputation in people’s minds will grow faster than one that has
an infamous reputation. The latter
culture is to encourage our workers and specialists to think out of the box,
bring an exceptional deal, solution, or way that can improve our performance.
Our employees will be giving a short period of their work schedule time
to do or continue work in their areas of interest. There will be no strict
rules, and no required report to turn in at the end of their time. But the
employees who show enthusiasm and advance progress may be given extra time to
produce more, and they will be rewarded for their results. Creating this
culture inside our firm has endless benefits such as ambitious employees will
have the opportunity to show their potentials, it can enhance employees’
adaptability sense, and it can be a stress reliever
when employees are out of the daily work routine.


that departmentalization would vigorously help our
firm to prosper. It means dividing and structuring the firm into numbers of
departments (functional departments) where each
department has its own specialization. This approach can facilitate the work
dynamic, improve the efficiency, and speed up the procedures of
decision-making. As well as, fixing worker responsibility can benefit measuring
the performance, and there will be no ambiguity of performing their assigned tasks. Enforcing this approach will allow
the firm to have a better control over its resources. Consequently, customers will be pleased with quick and better services.                                                                                                                            

KFC–Khaled for
Consultancy-has four major departments: Administration, Planning,
Technical, and Support. Each department consists of numbers of sub-departments.
All elements of the firm will be contributing to produce a desirable result.                                         

The Administration
department has two divisions which are Human Resource (HR)and Finance. HR
division’s employees will be responsible for
handling numbers such as recruitment,
employee relations, compensation and benefits, training and development. Finance
division will be tracking the firm’s money such as perspective project’s
budget, government’s taxes, third party’s commissions, firm’s flow cash, stock
market prices, shareholders ‘equity, firm’s bank balance.                                                                                                                             

The Planning
department consists of Sales and Marketing
divisions. The workers in Sales section
have responsibilities of finding new opportunities and agreements and bringing
new customers to the firm. Sales’ employees also will keep interacting with the
customers until his needs and requests have been fulfilled.  Moreover, they will play a significant role in predicting and forecasting coming year’s
profits and expenses.  On the other side,
Market sub-department has a number of tasks
to perform. In the first place, their major function is to create a value of
our firm among other competitors, and build a trustworthy and noticeable brand
in market sphere. In addition, they will be responsible
for making a development plan by tracking the contemporary trends. One
of the most important roles is to keep listening to the customer and knowing their needs.

department and the beating-heart of our firm is the Technical department. It’s
divided into a number of small elements such as research and study, supply chain,
site supervision, and quality divisions. Each division has its own nature of
work. Most of the employees in this department are
well- trained and skilled, most of them are engineer specialists, CAD
operators, and analysists. They will be formed into groups upon the required
tasks. Generally, their main roles are to solve-problems, troubleshooting,
provide technical advice to the customers.

The last department is
the Support department which includes
drawing/printing, information technology (IT), legal sub-departments. Their
duties are supporting work process, updating the firm with the newest technology, and fixing and tracking
error sources that impede our electronic transactions. Also, documenting all
work progresses into a soft and hard copy
is one of their responsibilities. Moreover, the legal
division will review all the proposals and agreements to make sure of its
validity. As well as, their accountability is to keep an eye on the firm documents
such as licenses and registrations expiration.


dividing the workforces into departments, complex tasks in any single
department also has divided into smaller separate jobs which are known as “work
specialization” Of course, not all employees can perform multiple tasks, so having this approach will
help use employees’ skills efficiently. Division of labors will gain the firm
and its workers limitless benefits.
Firm’s resources can be more organized and saved from waste, a higher level of productivity will be reached,
and quality can be more controlled. For employees, after doing so, each
individual will be an expert, proficient in
performing his duty, and the uncertainty, vagueness his responsibility will
diminish. Also, the phenomena of socialloafing will
be reduced to unseen.       

demonstrate, in the recruitment division of the HR department, work is breaking
down into three stages during hire process; initial, substantive, and
contingent selection. First, there are employees who are responsible for browsing
the data (applications and resumes) on the hire portal of our website, finding
the best fit for our firm, making sure if that prospective employee is
qualified for our conditions. After the choices have been made, his colleagues
will be making the communication such as phone calls and emails trying to see
if those people are still available, and willing to work for us. Then they will
schedule appointments to interview them whether face-to-face interview or
distance one using Skype. Interviews are done by trained employees of doing
interview. After a number of them have
passed the interviews, their work will be in other workers who are accountable for managing
their paper and process them into our

jobs in Research and Study Division of the Technical department are also
distributed into minor pieces.  Employees
of this division are formed into teams where each team has its own duty. Before
meetings are held, one team will be providing the experts and analysists coming
to the conference room with the needed information and documentation. Then
specialists will be working in their tasks
such as feasibility study, problem-solving,
suggestions, and recommendations. After meetings end, the next team duty is to turn the oral information into
written files, document it in well-organized files. Right away, designers will
start drawing and make this information more understandable for the customers.
Last team mission is to evaluate and
develop these outcomes, it’s more of quality
process to confirm that information is clear of any failures that will impede
the work’s wheel acceleration (work pace).


Our firm has special traits that distinguish
us from the other consulting. The coming topics explain the secret of our
successful company.

and Negotiation

minds tend to hold a negative connotation of “Conflict” word. Conversely, it
has a positive side too that brings people’s rights back, and it solves many issues that never would be solved. Life without
conflict can be boring. In our firm, when several experts, specialists, and
workers sitting around one table, conflicts will be a routine of our work’s
nature. Coupled with matrix structure where the employees have many bosses, we
are more vulnerable to miscommunication and misinterpretation which will
increase the conflict issue. Therefore, many techniques and strategies of Conflict-Resolution have been studied to be applied by
the organization’s employees. For example, Problem-solving
technique where both parties will set a face-to-face opened discussion to understand each other’s
perception.  Also, using the smoothing
technique where the audience who around the conflict will be emphasizing the
common interests and lowering the differences that establish the conflict (Organizational Conflict, 1974).

is going be our weapon of winning new businesses. Since we are practicing the
consulting activity, we will be usually a third party that tries to converge the two viewpoints.

We will be more mediator consultant that use the persuasive methods
and provide alternative solutions to complete the work. Hence, choosing the
appropriate person is extremely effective especially on the distributive negotiation. Personality
traits play a vital role in the negotiation
process that can lose or gain us many opportunities. Due to that our Human
Resource usually holds personality tests to discover their personalities.  For example, employees whose more agreeable
and extroverted person is not qualified
to negotiate with customers since they tend to be friendly and have difficulty
to say “No” when it’s needed.


half of the earth population are internet users. Specifically, there are two
billion active users on social media. What a chance that wasn’t available on
last decades. Therefore, it becomes a mandatory mission to partake in such a terrific opportunity that will
benefit our firm. We will have numbers of formal accounts that represent our
firm in social media such as Google, Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, and
LinkedIn. There will be limitless advantages, for instance, saving and sharing
the documents, increasing brand awareness, finding a new trend and what our competitors have reached, getting closer to
our customers, and building beneficial relationships with other organizations (
Emily Copp,


our firm is one of our obligations. Since our first office will be in the
United States where the immigration increases year
after year, we will be privileged of hiring talented people from both genders.Having multicultural backgrounds in our organization will increase
innovation, productivity, and creativity of our employees. Moreover, new
customers will be brought in because they have an employee from their people
who can trust. All that will speed up the growth
of our brand.


A motivated employee is what all firms need to succeed, but how? We are
prepared to increase our employees’ motivation; consequently, job satisfaction will be met too. Bounces are one technique to motivate the employee to achieve the firm goal whether
profit goal or tasks’ completion. As well as, we will be having a fair
evaluation at the end of the year which is the graphic
rate evaluation. Upon their evaluation rates, employees will be gotten

Only great companies pay
back to their community and society. It’s our obligation to contribute with the nonprofit
organizations that alleviate people’s miseries. We will be offering free
consultation whenever they need. As well as, we will be designing,
implementing, and supervising their projects such as homeless shelters and
libraries. We will provide a full scholarship for students who are unable to
pay their tuitions.

Change has an uncomfortable
sense to many people. However, it could be the
change to the best. We understand that the world is momently changing due to many reasons like economic
shocks, fierce competition, and world politics. So, we ought to prepare our
employees to be ready for a change in any
second. By using a number of techniques
such as Lewin’s Three-Steps Model and Kotter’s Eight Steps, our employee will suffer fewer
consequences during the planned change.  

Not all people are active in the morning. Our firm has offered a flex-time for a number of employees in which to gain all their energy. Some
employees can do their job in the middle of the night especially who deal with
social media or the IT employee such as updating or fixing hardware. Also, some
employees have children who need to be driven to schools; so, they can maintain
their time to start work at 9 am instead of 7 am. This flexibility will attract
talented and over-qualified employees in the future.

inside the firm

Since we have breaks during the work day such as thirty minutes
(Tea break), and sixty minutes (lunch break). We will be providing a full gym
that consists of weights room, Sauna, and swimming pools. So, employees can enjoy their time and relieve
their stresses close to their offices.


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