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Prоjесt The рrojeсt requіres you to analyse a change process that has been implemented in a group or organisational setting with which you are familiar.…

The рrojeсt requіres you to analyse a change process that has been implemented in a group or organisational setting with which you are familiar. The organisation can be one where you have volunteered or a sporting club, for example. It may be a place of work or it can be an institution where you have studied. (it can be a workplace change, restaurant or grocery store which close to me personally located around south australia)

The project should be 2250 words, (+ or – 10% so within an actual range of 2025-2475 words), excluding the reference list.
The criteria and feedback sheet provides detail on how you will be assessed and is a useful tool for planning to maximise your performance as you develop your project.

The co-ordinator will forward any work that appears to suggest plagiarism to the Academic Integrity Officer for evaluation.

When you submit your assignment, please save the document using your name with the surname in capitals followed by your first name. For example, CROSSMAN Joanna.
Each page of your assignment must include a footer with your name and student ID number.
The following statement needs to be read, cut and pasted onto the first page of your assignment and signed and dated:
I have downloaded, read and understood UniSA materials online about the UniSA Harvard referencing and academic integrity. I understand that this means that I cannot at a later date suggest that I was ignorant of referencing and academic integrity expectations associated with this assignment. I understand that it is the duty of the marker to refer any concerns to the Academic Integrity Officer for further investigation.

Please use the following headings to structure your project:
Executive Summary
The executive summary is a paragraph, rather like an abstract. It should be of no more than 150 words and summarise the main points of the project in terms of the setting, your analysis, conclusion and recommendations. The executive summary is designed to provide the key points raised in your project for anyone who is not able to read the entire document.

Describe the nature of the organisation (eg; retail, hospitality, yoga club, university) you have chosen and your role within it. You may include details of size, the number of employees, roles within the organisation pertinent to your project (eg; manager, administrator, finance officer, HR manager, sales staff, for example).

Analysis of the change process
This section should draw upon the literature (books, journal papers) to inform your discussion of the following aspects of the change process. You will need to provide in-text references to publications relevant to your analysis of the change process. Since analysis attracts more marks than description, you are advised to focus most of your time and word allowance to this section. You should refer to the following issues, but do not use them as sub-headings. They are simply examples of the kinds of points you should address.

Explain what change was suggested and the problem it appeared to address.
How was the change communicated?
Who provided leadership or championed the change?
Identify any models of change from theory that the change process appeared to resemble.
Analyse the responses to the change. Who resisted it, supported it, for example? Why do you think they did so? You may also reflect upon your own responses to the change and how you behaved.
Explain any training that took place and evaluate its effectiveness.

Conclusion & Recommendations
Summarise the key observations raised in the analysis section very briefly and evaluate the success of the change process. Recommend how the process might have been improved and base those recommendations on what you have read in the literature, using in-text references.

List all references found in the body of your project in accordance with UniSA Harvard guidelines.
You must include at least 10 references in your assignment. The inclusion of good quality sources such as peer reviewed journal papers or texts on the subject of change, handled by reputable publishers is expected. The quality of your sources will be reflected in the quality of your assignment.
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