[Solution]Topic: Personal Development and traditional roles of women

This is a compare and contrast essay. APA format. Two references For this essay we have to take a core value of our university and…

This is a compare and contrast essay. APA format. Two references

For this essay we have to take a core value of our university and compare and contrast to what we’ve learned thus far.I’ve chosen Personal Development: University stresses the development of every person’s mind, spirit, and body for a balanced life. All members of the Saint Leo University community must demonstrate their commitment to personal development to help strengthen the character of our community.What I’ve learned thus far spoke on the behavioral examples of why higher pay does not persuade women to avoid traditional gender roles.
-In 1980, U.S. women earned 35 percent less, on average, than men. This “gender gap” in earnings has declined in the years since, to just above 20 percent today. The gap remains primarily because many young women continue to choose traditionally female occupations, such as jobs as receptionists, secretaries, and housekeepers. These women allocate their time to such work even though they have more years of education than the average male and hence often would qualify for higher-paying work in other positions Behavioral economists have found an element that helps to explain this observation: the large number of women who recently immigrated to the United States from countries using languages with unambiguously feminine names for certain jobs. For instance, the Spanish word for people who engage in cleaning tasks is concretely feminine and translates into English Economics as a Science Economics is a social science that employs the same kinds sciences, such as biology, physics, and chemistry. Like these uses models, or theories. Economic models, or theories, are simplified representations of the real world that we use to help us understand, explain, and predict. Behavioral economists have found that such languages appear to be closely associated with cultural traditions in which many immigrant women opt for work in predominantly “female” occupations. For these women, higher pay for jobs mainly held by men apparently is an insufficient incentive to induce them to reverse traditional behaviors that reinforce stereo- typical gender roles—and that generate lower pay. FOR CRITICAL THINKING Why do you suppose that second- and third-generation females of U.S. immigrant families are found to be more likely to accept working alongside males in higher-paying jobs? Sources are listed at
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