[Solution]How to write a good position statement and claims

Reading and research relating to the chosen topic should begin before the presentation takes place. A well-chosen position statement is one that is clear, succinct…

Reading and
research relating to the chosen topic should begin before the presentation
takes place.

A well-chosen
position statement is one that is clear,
succinct and important;
which is controversial enough to
require careful decision before it is accepted or rejected;and which
represents the personal convictions, based on study, experience and reflection. Thestatement should
consist of only a single sentence
but you will have the opportunity to provide supplementary details and explain
why you decided to write it in this form.

Good statement

Weak statement

Comment on weak statement

All young
people in the UK should be required to learn about non Judeo-Christian

It is useful
to know about a range of religions.

Too vague.
What is meant by “useful” – useful for what? Which religions? What do we mean
by “know about”? Almost impossible to disagree with.

All learners
who achieve good grades in mathematics should be encouraged to study it at

systems have a role to play in economic systems.

Too vague.
What do we mean by “having a role” – which kind of role? Which kinds of
economic systems?

Education is
more important for developing countries than developed countries.

Education is

Few would
disagree that education is important, but how important?

Each of the claims that are used to justify
the position statement will take a similar form, but at a more detailed level.
For example, in relation to the first statement above, one of the claims might
be: “Learning about non Judeo-Christian religions helps learners to understand
what a religion is”, and the verbal explanation in the seminar might be that
this is important to understand how a religion can exist without a God concept
(e.g. in the case of Buddhism).

Assignment Weighting: 60% of final grade(It is very  important for me,hope
you can help me write it well , thank you very much)


The assignment of 2500 words will consist of a short conference
article, written in academic format, based upon the issue discussed by the
student in the seminars and informed by a literature review.

The assignment should have the overall look and feel of a short research
paper and contain the following elements:

Title, consisting of the position statement

Summary of the piece of writing in the form of an
abstract (100-150 word summary)

Introduction and context

Expansion of the discussion of each claim that
provides arguments and justifications

Summary of overall justification of the position
statement (how the evidence reviewed leads to this conclusion)


Students should be able to:

express their position statement in writing

abstract, introduction and conclusion)

literature to provide a rationale for discussion

and rationale)

the issue, recognising key theoretical distinctions.

appropriate academic literature, referring to and employing evidence and
argument to support claims made.

an argument in support of the position statement by weighing evidence and
refuting counter arguments.

Form a
conclusion by synthesising earlier sections

Present the
assignment in the form of a short conference paper employing correct
referencing using the Harvard System and acceptable use of language.
The post How to write a good position statement and claims

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