[Solution]October Crisis- Essay Outline

Introduction: General Explanation of: When it happened Why it happened What was done to stop it Outcome Brief introduction to each body paragraph Thesis statement…


General Explanation of:When it happenedWhy it happenedWhat was done to stop itOutcomeBrief introduction to each body
paragraphThesis statement

Body- Paragraph 1:

How it influenced Canadian
Culture?What changed immediatelyWhat changed long-term How it affects our culture

Body- Paragraph 2:

How it influenced Canadian
Politics?What changed immediatelyWhat changed long-termHow it affects our politics

Body- Paragraph 3:

How it influenced Canada’s
ReputationHow it changed countries view
on CanadaHow it benefitted Canada
long-termHow it relates to Canada’s
relationships with other countries/ how other countries currently view Canada

Body- Counter Argument:

Why people would think it’s not
important to CanadaHow people say it set a bad
precedent on how Canada can’t control its citizens without the military,
showing weaknessWhy people would think that

Body- Rebuttal:

Why the people who think that
are wrongIt showed that during times of
weakness, Canada will do anything to protect its citizens which depicts a
fierce country


Summary of EverythingGeneral ExplanationAll body paragraphsRestate thesis statement
The post October Crisis- Essay Outline

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