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Instruction The goal of the project is to apply modern operations management research to an organization in the industry. You will need to first select…


The goal of the
project is to apply modern operations management research to an organization in
the industry. You will need to first select an organization and then analyze an
Operations or Supply Chain process. You will then propose improvements using
advanced OM techniques found in the literature or from theory discussed in

-Aggregate planning

-Capacity Planning

-Decision analysis(EMV)


-Location Strategy

 The organization could be
from the service or manufacturing industry, and either public or private.  

The project is
to be done in groups from three to five students. This activity evaluates group
performance and it’s important to have an exchange of ideas. It is not relevant
if the company is small or large but it’s rather critical to have access to
information describing the processes involved in the key decision.   The project is due on the last class in
electronic version.

You must obtain
approval for your company, group and topic by email from the professor. The
following companies are not permitted to be used: Coca-Cola,
Pepsi, Toyota, Walmart and Emirates. You also cannot model the “Supply


The project is worth 25% out of your total
course grade.

of the written report 

Cover page

Title, date, name of student,
student Id, name of course, name of professor(1 page in length)


The abstract summarizes your
research. It will include the objectives, methodology and the findings. (150-300


Description of the organization,
its mission and strategy. (max 1 page length)

Topic Statement

Describe the context of the
research, the general process, and its importance (max 1 page length)


Describe and justify your
research method (1/2 – 1 page length) 


Use process-modeling techniques
such as flow charts to describe the main process to describe one supply chain
process. Limit the description of the process to 5-10 sub-processes or steps.
Each step should describe the technology used, which type of worker executes
the step and what is the action done in the step.This section provides the
results of your analysis such as models, statistical information, calculations,
simulation results.  (2-3 pages)


This section is very important
as it reveals your advanced knowledge and critical thinking skills. You will
essentially analyze the results of your study. You will show a clear understanding
of the nature and significance of your findings. Discussions should be supported
by theory in operations management. (1-2 pages). 


Make a recommendation on improving
ONE part of the process.Justify your recommendation
quantitatively or qualitatively if appropriate. You must support your
recommendations bases on theories, models and applications seen in the course.You should include a new
process diagram that includes the changes proposed.Use references from scientific
journals (through CUD online database) to support your recommendations. (1-2 pages) 


The conclusion summarizes your
findings, added value and future research. (150-300 words)  


A list of the readings, books,
articles, Internet documents etc., used for the research project. Use the
standards as suggested in your student handbook. Resources should be scientific
and should not include Wikipedia, or Internet content without references.
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