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6 PAGES-Paper on developmental disability:  FOLLOW THE FORMAT LISTED BELOW This assignment requires you to write a paper on ONE of the topics from this list: Developmental…

6 PAGES-Paper on developmental disability:  FOLLOW THE FORMAT LISTED BELOW

This assignment requires you to write a paper on ONE of the
topics from this list:

Developmental Disability

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Angelman syndrome

22q11.2 deletion syndrome (e.g. DiGeorge syndrome)

Fragile x syndrome

Prader Willi syndrome

Noonan syndrome


Sanfilippo syndrome

Rett syndrome

Smith-Magenis syndrome

Tuberous sclerosis complex/syndrome

Williams syndrome

 Down syndrome

 Autism spectrum disorder

paper should be between 1500-2000 words long (excluding references-should be at
least 10 references (5 peer reviewed)).  It should be double spaced,
use one inch margins and size 12 font.  Use of headings is encouraged
(e.g. epidemiology, characteristics, causes etc).  Structure the paper to
include an introduction, main body and a conclusion.   The course TA
is marking the paper and can be contacted if you have any questions.

The paper should:

Include the epidemiology,
characteristics, and causes of the chosen developmental disability.Identify and describe a common
behavioural problem or mental disorder that is associated with the
developmental disability (e.g. aggression, ADHD, schizophrenia). Describe one non-medication
approach (e.g. therapy, treatment, intervention, management etc.) that can be used to address the behavioural problem
or mental disorder. Find and describe the results of at
least two studies that have evaluated the effectiveness of the approach.
You are required to critically appraise the identified studies. 

Papers should be submitted through
Turnitin in Blackboard as a Word document (see link above).
 Papers with originality reports of 15% or more will be flagged for
inspection for academic dishonesty.  Please review the regulations around
plagiarism available here: http://academicintegrity.uoit.ca/students/student-guide-to-academic-integrity.php  

You can submit your paper to Turnitin before the due
date and more than once to verify what your originality score
is.   Note however that Turnitin allows only one submission
per 24 hours, so make sure that you plan accordingly.  See this document
for information on how to submit your paper and view the originality report:

I strongly recommend that you use Turnitin as a tool to check your
work.  Submit your close to final draft to Turnitin.  This will
give you time to make revisions to your paper, for instance, by ensuring that you
have properly paraphrased source material.        

This assignment is worth 30% of your final grade in the

This is NOT a group project.





an overview of the paper 

Body of essay

the epidemiology of the developmental disability

the key characteristics of the developmental disability

clearly the known and/or hypothesized causes of the developmental disability

at least one behavioural problem or mental disorder that is commonly
associated with the selected developmental disability
an approach to address the behavioural or mental disorder (non-medication)
information from TWO original research publications that investigated the
effectiveness of the approach AND critiques the studies


and synthesizes content of paper


cites text and provides accurate reference list

is clear and well organized

(-0.5 for every 2 errors)

within word limit

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