[Solution]Using Technology to Support Teamwork

Preparation Your organization is in the process of developing some new policies and guidelines regarding the use of technology and social media in the workplace.…


Your organization is in the process of
developing some new policies and guidelines regarding the use of technology and
social media in the workplace. You have been asked to draft a report on how
nursing uses technology to collaborate, and how the use of technology can
improve patient safety and quality outcomes.

Format this assessment as a professional report. Follow APA
guidelines for your in-text citations and references. Paper should have a

Within your report, address the following:

Explain the role of
Telemedicine, electronic ICU, and other virtual modalities in promoting
interprofessional collaboration and improved patient safety.

Describe how nurses can
use current and emerging technologies as part of an overall strategy to build
teamwork and collaboration and improve patient safety.

Explain the benefits and
limitations of these types of virtual modalities in supporting
interprofessional collaboration and improving patient safety. 

Explain the legal and
ethical implications of using social media (Twitter, Facebook, online forums,
et cetera) in interprofessional collaborative efforts.

Your completed assessment should be 3–5 pages
in length, not including the title page and references page. Support your
statements and opinions with references to and citations for at least three
scholarly or professional resources.

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