[Recommended]Writing Assignment: Blog Postings (total value: 60 Pts)

Blog writting Writing Assignment: Blog Postings (total value: 60 Pts) Due Date – Topic Proposal (in class): TH, Feb. 28 Due Date – Post #1:…

Blog writting
Writing Assignment: Blog Postings (total value: 60 Pts)
Due Date – Topic Proposal (in class): TH, Feb. 28
Due Date – Post #1: T, March 5
Due Date – Post #2: T, March 19
Due Date – Post #3: T, April 11
Blogs, or weblogs, are online platforms that are widely used by individuals and organizations to convey information, opinions, commentary and links to other relevant online materials. They typically consist of discrete entries (known as posts) which are displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first. They may be written by one individual or by small groups of individuals and are often themed on a single subject.
For this assignment, you are not working for any media outlet or organization. Rather, you are an independent blogger who already has an established audience.
Your topic must be pre-approved by your instructor. Choose a topic that will appeal to your audience – your fellow students.

Create your own blog using one of the freely available platforms (WordPress is suggested).
Set your blog to private (under Settings > Reading, click on the “I would like my site to be private, visible only to users I choose” radiobutton).
Invite Prof Page to view your blog by adding jpage@uic.edu. Also invite 4 other classmates so that you can comment on each other’s blogs (obtain their emails in class).
Customize the design of your blog site and add a brief description of your blog, based on the proposal you completed in class.
Post the URL of your blog to the Discussion Board in Blackboard labeled “Blogs” so that your instructor and the 4 members of your blogging group can find your blog; use your last name as the subject line.
Create three blog posts of approximately 300 words each. You must publish at least one of each of the following types of posts:

Research post – A research post will comment on any existing article or blog post (outside of this class assignment) published within the previous two weeks that deals with your theme. The title of the article/post you are linking to should be placed high in your post, along with a link to the item. Your post must contain original content and not just summarize the information in the link. Your links must work in order to receive credit.
Reporting post – A reporting post should present a summary of at least one interview you conducted or discussion you held during the past week on your theme. Include names and specific details of your interviewee to receive credit.
Reaction post – A reaction post is a response to a class discussion, activity or a classmate’s blog post related to your theme. Be sure to include a brief summary of the circumstances to which you are reacting or a link to the original blog post and include support for your position (see comments on lateral reporting below).
Lateral reporting is a way to enhance the content of your posts with additional, linked materials such as news stories or blog posts. Pages 96 and 97 in your textbook contain a number of types of materials that can be used to compliment online stories.

Finally, comment on at least three of your classmates’ blog posts. Each comment should be at least 100 words and may be informal but not superficial. Your comments might focus on the points in the post that you found compelling, the further questions the post has raised for you, or a related point that the author did not raise in his/her post.

Tips for success
Know your topic – Before you choose to blog about someone or something, make sure you are knowledgeable. Including links to background information, additional supporting materials, and related stories will add credibility and legitimacy to your posts.
Check and recheck – Double and triple check your posts for spelling, grammar and AP style errors.
Requirements at a glance

Create a blog using a freely available platform such as WordPress
Post the URL of your blog to the Blackboard Discussion Board
Write three posts of 300 words each
Comment on at least three of your classmates’ posts, 100 words each


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