[Solution]Topic: Deviance (Interpret a Source: Warren)

(This assignment would graded based on SA grader) Read the following description of Warren’s life. In the short story, there are several concepts illustrated from…

(This assignment would graded based on SA grader) Read the following description of Warren’s life. In the short story, there are several concepts illustrated from the deviance chapter. For this assignment, you should identify 7 concepts that are illustrated in the story. Write a paragraph about each of the 7 concepts you find. For each concept that you identify, you should provide a definition and quote the passage of the text that illustrates that concept.

When Warren was in his early teens, he adamantly opposed any use of drugs. He was an active participant in his school’s DARE program. He believed that drug users were immoral and that the only way to get ahead in life is to work hard at a good job. In school, Warren did not have very many friends. He sang and talked to himself a lot, which put a lot of people off. He also had really bad acne, which caused him a lot of grief. Since he didn’t really have many friends, he hung out with his older sisters a lot. They all smoked marihuana, and he started smoking as a way to bond with them. He didn’t consider it a bad thing to do, nor did he think of himself as immoral or as a criminal. He was just happy to hang out with other people who liked him for who he was, even if they were his older sisters.

Warren’s 21 year old sister, Marie, started buying beer for her younger siblings. They used to party every weekend when Warren was still in high school. One time, the police busted up one of their parties and Warren got in trouble for drinking because he was still under the age of 21. Marie also got in trouble. She was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and had to do community service. She was also punished by her family. Marie’s mother quit stopping by her apartment to drop off groceries and quit inviting her to family dinners. Eventually, when Marie quit drinking and using drugs, her mom came around and they started getting along again.

However, things weren’t so good for Warren. He started using other drugs, in addition to alcohol and pot. One time, his mom found a baggy of meth in his room and she went through the roof. Warren couldn’t figure out why everybody was so upset about his drug use, and he didn’t understand why they were illegal. After all, he wasn’t forcing anyone else to use drugs. He thought that if anyone was hurt by his drug use, it was himself, and that is something he could live with.

Eventually, Warren’s mom kicked him out of the family’s apartment. He moved in with the girl who supplied him with pot. It was hard for Warren after being kicked out of his mom’s home. He wanted to succeed in life, and he wanted to have the American Dream with the 2 car garage and picket fence in the suburbs. However, he knew that there were no jobs in his part of the city, especially for someone who didn’t have a car. That’s why he decided to start selling drugs. He knew that drug dealing was illegal, but he was actually proud of it. He compared himself to other people he knew, and he was glad that he wasn’t as bad as them. For example, he had a friend who made a living by robbing convenience stores, where he shot at least 3 people.

As time went on, Warren’s illegal activities caught up with him again. He was caught selling meth and was sent to prison. When he was in prison, the guards supplied him and the other prisoners with drugs. This allowed Warren to maintain his habit, which unfortunately led to him being caught again once he was released from prison.

Eventually Warren was released from prison again, and this time, he did not continue using drugs. He wanted to start life over again and not do any more illegal activities. He was very excited the day that he applied for his first “real” job. You can imagine his hopelessness when he found out that his prior drug convictions wouldn’t let him get a job at a gas station. The three gas stations where he applied all had a policy that forbade them from hiring people with any felony convictions. Sadly, Warren took to selling drugs again as a means to support himself.

HINT: Your essay should mention at least 7 of the following:

conformity (according to Merton, not from chapter 6)crimes against personscrimes against propertydevianceinnovationinternalizationnegative sanctionsostracismprimary deviancerecidivismresidual rule-breaking behaviorssecondary deviancestatus offensestigmavictimless crime
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