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Summary ABC College has decided to look at opening a second campus in Melbourne, Victoria. The CEO has requested a full report on information management.…


ABC College has decided to look at opening
a second campus in Melbourne, Victoria. The CEO has requested a full report on
information management. You must create your management plan for knowledge and
information management.

Please note: ABC College already has a
campus in Sydney it is highly likely that it will be best to use the
information systems currently used in Sydney also in Melbourne. But you must
conduct analysis and research on the location and appropriateness of the
systems and their use in Melbourne to confirm whether they are the best or not.
In the case that the current system will not be seen to work well in that
location, then you must provide reasons and evidence as to what kind of systems
will be best to use and why.


Part A

Executive Summary

A summary of your report and
what you will be submitting in the following pages(Parts B-E)The top-line findings (to save
the CEO time)The types of information you
will need to gather for the CEO to make the final decision.

(Including a summary explanation
why each piece of information is necessary)

Part B

A Brief Environmental

International student trends –
specifically regarding VIC / Melbourne A brief competitive analysis
and PESTLELocation analysis – including
the criteria, suggested premises types (real estate) research and examples and
a recommendation of your preferred location

Part C – Main part

Information Systems

Research and explain about the
types of information systems currently used at ABC College in Sydney and
whether you recommend using them at the new campus and why/why not. If you
don’t recommend using them in Melbourne include research and examples of which
systems you would recommend.

Include the following

Finance management system;POS;MIS {Including document
creation; data storage and access; communication}DSSState how these systems (above)
improve productivity and profitability.As a result of your research,
document the types of technology needed by the new college campus (including
quotes) and a budget for these resourcesInclude your contingency plans
for the management of information and knowledge in the new campus

Part D

Policies and Procedures

Develop and include a business
policy and procedure to ensure privacy is maintained for the College.Develop and include policy and
procedures to ensure security of organizational knowledge is maintained for the

Part E


Outline your final
recommendations for the new campus

Instructions: Your report will be at least 6 pages
and approximately 2000 word count. Your report will include any necessary
diagrams or pictures to support your findings or hypothesis’ on the managing of
information and technology. Be sure to include your bibliography – Author, Year of publication, Title of Article, Name
of publication (or website address), and page number (if a book or PDF)
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