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Please Note: You must achieve a pass (50% or above) in the summative coursework to pass the module. Task To produce Research Project up to…

Please Note: You must achieve a pass (50% or above) in the summative coursework
to pass the module.


produce Research Project up to 7000
words on a topic of your choice. The Research Project should provide some
insight into an area of study relating to any topic or theme covered within the
Accountancy qualification you are taking or have taken. The Research Project
should be postgraduate quality in terms of analytical content produced, regardless
of whether it utilises primary or secondary data. You are required to underpin
all your decisions with theoretical concepts or models/frameworks. Accurate referencing
using the Harvard format and usage of appendices are also needed. The work must
be above 5000 words to be able to


Research Project should include the following elements:

An introduction that briefly outlines the Research Project.
It should state what emerging theme/ topic you have chosen and why you are
investigating this particular theme / topic.(approx. 500 to 750 words) –
e.g. if you wish to investigate Strategic Management for example, you should
evaluate journal articles and books that have been written on this topic to
provide an overview of your topic to the reader and then give a reason why this
topic is worthy of investigation i.e., a gap or to extend the knowledge on the
subject, or application in an organisational context, or hypothesis testing.

A fail will lack clarity and create
concern as to how the choice of a research topic has been made given it lacks a
clear scope/ business focus/practical implications.

Your project must include research
objectives, questions or hypotheses for your project. From your literature review you should
develop an overall aim for your project and specific research objectives or
hypotheses. For example, you may be replicating a study in a new context or you
may have chosen to focus on a gap you identified in the literature; ultimately
your choice will be influenced by what research has been undertaken before and
the research design and approach you have chosen to adopt. The research
question or equivalent will be precise, realistic and compelling. (approx. 100 -200 words)

A fail will have a research objective or equivalent that does not tie in with
the rest of the project, is not novel or interesting, or is not actually what
was researched. A fail will leave the reader unconvinced that  the
aim of the research project is worthy of investigation the
researcher understands what is already known and how to build upon it the
scope of the question is proportionate to a research project being undertaken
by one person with limited resources

Literature Review.This should
synthesise key academic and practitioner literature on the topic related to
your own project that led to your research objectives, question(s) or
hypothesis. It should defend and support your choice of research objectives
etc. (500-1500 words)

A fail will describe the literature rather than analyse its relevance to the
research. A list of research will not pass. You need to analyse the literature
to discern how it is relevant to your research.

You must state your proposed research Methodology
design and approach. In
this section you should discuss: if the research is exploratory or explanatory;
the research design (e.g. case study, action research); the time frame
(cross-sectional or longitudinal); and whether you are adopting a qualitative,
quantitative or mixed methods approaches. You should also briefly explain the
method(s) you are going to use to collect your data e.g. face to face
interviews, online survey, or secondary data searches etc., and justify your
choice by drawing on best practice. You need to justify these decisions by
referring back to the literature on the subject. If your work is mainly
Secondary data biased then the Methodology will be relatively straightforward
in terms of what is expected you will cover and talk about. (approx. 300 -500 words)

A fail will not defend
the choices made in terms of how they ensure the aim of the research is
fulfilled. The choices made will be unsuitable for the research being
undertaken. They will raise ethical concerns that are not dealt with in a
professional and thorough manner.

Analysis –The main focus, regardless of the work undertaken, must ensure that you
analyse the data you have collected on the basis of what is already known and
what you are intending to find out. You need to justify your work by referring
back to the literature on the subject you pointed out in your earlier review
with extensive referencing being expected by the reader to bring credibility to
your work. (3000 – 4000 words)

Fails will involve
work that does not answer the research question in any convincing form and
which does not provide an audit trail from source data to analysed data to
findings to discussion. Ethical considerations will not have
been dealt with adequately and professionally (please talk to your supervisor
to avoid this happening at all costs)! It will not include a discussion of how authoritative
you can be about your analytical claims. How sure are you about your claims and
why? What are you unsure about and how does that lead to limitations (see
conclusion section)

Conclusion – This needs to tie together what you set out in the original project
objectives by looking at how successful you were in achieving them. You should
include the limitations of your research and how these might be eliminated by
further research. (300 -500 words)

Fails will not be able to tie the project elements together into a whole
because for example, the literature review will not have been used to analyse
the data or the choices made around method will not be suitable for the
research being undertaken, or claims made will not in fact be supported by
analysis. Also the limitations of the project will not be identified or will be
so great the project cannot have been considered to represent a professional
attempt at research.

References / Bibliography
– References must be presented according to the Harvard Referencing System.
You must include all the papers, books, websites, videos etc. you have used in
your report. So, if for example, you use a phrase from Creswell, (2009) in your
report to support your choice of research approach, then Creswell (2009) should
be listed in your reference list. The list must be in alphabetical order. If
the phrase used is a direct quote, it should be in speech marks/ inverted
commas and the page number provided alongside the quote. Any part of your text
that is copied directly without quotes, page number and full reference is
deemed plagiarism.

Fails will be
inaccurately referenced with the reference list not matching the in-text
references or vice-versa. Page numbers will not have been provided for any
material copied/quoted from a source. The report will be unprofessional in that
it will be difficult to read because of some or all of the following; it does
not have clear paragraphs each with a point that contributes to the overall
argument, the argument is generally difficult to follow, the data on which
claims are made are not clearly identified, appendices are not clearly linked
to the body of the work, diagrams and tables are ‘dropped’ into the text rather
than being explained in the text.

Presentation of your project – Your proposal should be presented as a
report with:

cover page.Table
of contents.Each
section must have a numbered heading.Page

use a font of 12 point or larger, margins and a minimum of 1.5 spacing.

Word count

You must
comply with the word count guidelines. You may submit LESS than 7000 words but not more.  Cover
page, Tables, diagrams, bibliography, appendices and headings are NOT included
within word count calculations.  You must specify total word count on the
front page of your report.
The post Accounting & Finance Business Research Project

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