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BTN 6-3 Harriet Knox, Ralph Patton, and Marcia Diamond work for a family physician, Dr. Gwen Conrad, who is in private practice. Dr. Conrad is…

BTN 6-3 Harriet Knox, Ralph Patton, and Marcia Diamond work for a family physician, Dr. Gwen Conrad, who is in private practice. Dr. Conrad is knowledgeable about office management practices and has segregated the cash receipt duties as follows. Knox opens the mail and prepares a triplicate list of money received. She sends one copy of the list to Patton, the cashier, who deposits the receipts daily in the bank. Diamond, the rec­ordkeeper, receives a copy of the list and posts payments to patients’ accounts. About once a month the office clerks have an expensive lunch they pay for as follows. First, Patton endorses a patient’s check in Dr. Conrad’s name and cashes it at the bank. Knox then destroys the remittance advice accompanying the check. Finally, Diamond posts payment to the customer’s account as a miscellaneous credit. The three justify their actions by their relatively low pay and knowledge that Dr. Conrad will likely never miss the money.
Who is the best person in Dr. Conrad’s office to reconcile the bank statement?
Would a bank reconciliation uncover this office fraud?
What are some procedures to detect this type of fraud?
Suggest additional internal controls that Dr. Conrad could implement.


will be asked to summarize the case in your own words; to
analyze the case for its ethical implications; and to provide an alternative behavior by the people
involved in the case. Make sure you address all four questions posed in the problem. The
nt requires you to answer at least one page or more (doubled space, typed, 12 pt. fonts,
Times New Roman).
Within the one page or more, break your answer down into three evenly developed paragraphs. In
the First Paragraph, restate the case in your own wor
ds. This paraphrase of the case is intended for
you to demonstrate how well you understand the facts of the case,
, what happened in the case.
In your Second Paragraph, analyze the case from an ethical point of view. Point out the most
important facts and behaviors with respect to ethical behavior. In what respect were the behaviors
in the case ethical, unethical,
etc. And lastly, in your Third Paragraph, explain what should have
happened to elevate the level of ethical standards demonstrated in the case. In summary, do three

things for this one

page paper:
Paraphrase the case in your own words (no quoting)
Analyze the case from an ethical point of view
Provide alternative behaviors/solutions which should have been demonstrated by the
people in the case.
Your p
aper will be graded based on how well you are able to demonstrate critical thinking in your
. Spelling and Grammar are also a consideration, as is the ability to follow directions (
write an evenly developed three paragraph answer that addresses all three parts of the assignment).

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