[Solution]What does net Neutrality inhibit and who is against it and why?

This is split up into 3 different main rules [3] “No Blocking: broadband providers may not block access to legal content, applications, services, or non-harmful…

This is split up into 3 different main

[3] “No Blocking: broadband providers may
not block access to legal content, applications, services, or non-harmful
devices.” This means that internet service providers can’t completely shut down
websites or data no matter what it is about without valid justified legal

[3] “No Throttling: broadband providers may
not impair or degrade lawful Internet traffic on the basis of content,
applications, services, or non-harmful devices.” This is saying that internet
service providers can’t choose to slow down websites or data without valid
reason by law.

[3] “No Paid Prioritization: broadband
providers may not favor some lawful Internet traffic over other lawful traffic
in exchange for consideration of any kind—in other words, no “fast lanes.” This
rule also bans ISPs from prioritizing content and services of their affiliates.”
This essentially the opposite of the previous one and means that the internet
service providers can’t choose add more band width space to companies who bribe
them for faster speeds.

[1] “Net neutrality is unpopular with
internet service providers (ISPs), who struggle to differentiate themselves in
a world where all they can offer are faster speeds or higher bandwidth
caps, “

Talk about the
history of net neutrality

[4] 1934 communications act signed by
Franklin D. Roosevelt

[4] 1980 computer 2 policies allowed some
carriers to be Enhanced services and isps

[4] 2002 Government confusion defined cable
broadband as information services which allowed companies to get around the
communications act

[4] 2005 dsl got same exception + open
internet rules to stop internet discrimination

[4] 2007 comcast slows down bit torrent (to
avoid congestion of network from illegal downloads) (even if not all was

[4] 2008-2010 Fcc lost in court to comcast,
after trying to stop them, because communications act didn’t give the Fcc
enough power

[4] 2010 Fcc declared new open internet
rules against internet discrimination until broken again three years later by
Verizon (because open internet orders only apply to common carriers)

[4] 2014 “I am proposing that the Fcc use
Title II authority to implement and enforce open internet protections” -Tom
Wheeler (Title II is a portion of the 1934 communications act)

[2] “AT&T began buying up numerous
competitors, along with telegraph giant Western Union. AT&T… By 1910,
AT&T served 81 percent of the market.”

What could now
that we’ve getting rid of it

This is hard to say exactly the direction
we are headed now that its gone but a good way to look at it is how the rest of
the world deals with the unregulated internet.

[1] “In Portugal, mobile carrier MEO offers
regular data packages, but it also offers, for €4.99 a
month, 10GB “Smart Net” packages. One such package for video provides 10GB of
data exclusively for YouTube, Netflix, Periscope and Twitch, while one for
messaging bundles six apps including Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime.”

“Their fear is that in an unregulated internet, ISPs may
charge customers extra to visit certain websites, demand fees from the sites
themselves to be delivered at full-speed,”

[1] “privilege their own services over
those of competitors.” An example of this could be if Comcast wished to enter
the video streaming market was trying to create a new video streaming service
it could potentially slow down other streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu.
This intern could create the illusion that this new video streaming service is
better. This could essentially be known as sabotaging the competition and
milking the consumer.


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