[Recommended]E-Commerce task/ Due At 10:00 am

E-Commerce task/ Due At 10:00 am APA Fromat. In this project, you have a two-step process to undertake: A. Here, you will do web-based research…

E-Commerce task/ Due At 10:00 am
APA Fromat.
In this project, you have a two-step process to undertake:
A. Here, you will do web-based research and write a project report on the creation of an “e-commerce” presence in a single industry (e.g. Fashion, Technology, Pharmaceutical)
Since the subject of e-commerce can be overwhelming, direct your report toward one type of business or organization, as mentioned above. This will allow you to narrow the focus of your research on aspects of ecommerce relevant to the type of business of organization and finish the work properly.
· Focus on one product only
· What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling the product in e-commerce?
· What are the problems involved?
· What about costs—and are the costs of a web site worth it in terms of return on investment?
· What about competition? How will you protect yourself from copycats?
· Security Issues with website
Your paper should be about 3-5 pages, and create an informative report on the important issues surrounding e-commerce of the product selected. The purpose of this project is to help you gain some expertise on project management and e-commerce, at the same time.
This paper will also help you work on Part B (below)
A. Create a website showing your e-commerce capabilities from above:
Find resources to help you create a few pages of the website
Create 3-4 pages showing
i. Home Page with appropriate tabs (About us, Product etc.)
ii. Populate each tab with the appropriate material
iii. Create some images on the website
iv. Show your flair for color and design
This part of the project may be challenging, so begin practicing on it immediately. You do not have to be a programmer to do this part as there are many websites on-line that show you how to create a website from scratch. You will also be able to see many resources on You Tube showing you how to create a website
Some Ideas for Approaching this Project
· What is the process of getting your online presence up and running, beginning to end?
· What kind of marketing challenges one may have to attract customers, selling items, online ordering, security etc.?
· What kind of challenges exist on the web in relation to law, taxes, international trade, disclosures, etc.?
· What are some of the ethical and legal issues related to e-commerce such as privacy, security, fraud, crime, intellectual property, etc.?

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