Prepare a 1400–1700-word Bible study lesson from 1 of the following passages in Isaiah: Isaiah 11:1–9. The lesson should be like a manuscript of a…

Prepare a 1400–1700-word Bible study lesson from 1 of the
following passages in Isaiah: Isaiah 11:1–9. The lesson should be like a
manuscript of a sermon, lesson, or Bible study that you would deliver in a
church context.

The lesson must contain the following elements:

An introduction that introduces the passage/topic of the
lesson that includes a 1-sentence (highlighted) summary statement that gives
the central idea of your lesson. A detailed explanation of the passage within the body of the
lesson. You should cover the entire passage (for longer passages, this will
obviously involve less detail for each verse), and the lesson should focus on
explaining your passage to the audience—this should not be a topical lesson that
simply uses the passage as a starting-point for your theme. Application and theological issues relevant to the audience
should be integrated into your explanation of the passage. Focus on explaining
how this passage is relevant and practical to your contemporary audience. Be
specific in showing how the passage applies to Christians today. The
applications should be directly related to your explanation of the passage, and
there should be a clear connection between the message of the passage itself
and the applications that you are drawing for your audience. The balance
between explanation of your passage and application should be roughly 70–75% to
25–30%.  Do not include long quotations of your passage or parallel
passages that you use in the lesson—if using a parallel passage, simply provide
the reference. This will allow you to devote maximum space to your
explanation/development of the passage and your lesson. You may provide brief illustrations, but keep them to the
point and try to use no more than 1–2 of these. Write the manuscript as you would speak the lesson, but the
paper should reflect spelling, grammar, and style appropriate for a
graduate-level written assignment. The paper should be double-spaced and use 12-point
Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins all around. As with a formal term
paper, use headings to mark off the major sections of your message. You are required to use a minimum of 3 scholarly reference
sources in addition to any of the required textbooks (journal articles and
commentaries especially). You may use devotional commentaries (e.g., Henry,
Wiersbe, Spurgeon, Lucado), study Bibles, or popular preacher’s sermons, but
these will not count toward the required sources. Please include a bibliography
at the end of your message/lesson listing the sources you have used. Your paper
should footnote specific citations/quotations from other sources, but as in
other written assignments for this course, avoid lengthy quotations of outside
sources (Your explanation and development of the passage should be apparent). This sermon/lesson should be your own original work and not
something that is a modification of another teacher/preacher’s outline or

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