[Recommended]Human Resources Management Issues Affecting Mass Co Worldwide Travel Company

Human Resources Management Issues Affecting Mass Co Worldwide Travel Company The Human Resource Management (HRM) department of any company is charged with ensuring the effective…

Human Resources Management Issues Affecting Mass Co Worldwide Travel Company
The Human Resource Management (HRM) department of any company is charged with ensuring the effective running of activities surrounding employees. The work of HR manager commences right from selecting and hiring competent employees, arranging an orientation, designing competitive compensation plan, allocating them tasks according to their expertise, and devising working schedules (Hoque 31). Any missteps in these duties and responsibilities by HRM may result in adverse impacts on organizational performance, which could take a long time before finding resolutions. I worked as an intern in Mass Co Worldwide Travel Company and noted that its HRM department makes several mistakes in employee management, resulting in its under-performance.
Background to HRM Issues Affecting Mass Co
Issues became imminent when Mass Co needed to hire more employees following an increase in the number of orders the company received. Due to the shortage of employees to service the growing orders, the company hired more staff to manage the higher flow of orders. The top management used improper means of hiring employees by not following competitive procedures. The HR manager, Finance Manager, and General Manager recommended their friends and family, who secured the jobs at Mass Co. The company also tends to hire inexperienced workers as evident through James and Jane. Importantly, even after employing people with no or little experience, the HRM department does not have a robust training program to ensure that the new employees receive an orientation about their job. Instead, the new employees rely on unpaid interns who know little about the company and job descriptions of various departments. It is unfortunate that these interns have the goals they could wish to attain at the end of the internship session.
I also noted that Mass Co has the habit of deploying employees in duties in which they do not have experience. For instance, Jane showed concerns that she was placed in a department (marketing) she felt she did not fit. She expressed an opinion that she could perform better if deployed in the product development department. Perhaps, this explains her inexperience in the current department and the lack of motivation to perform to her full potential.
Another HRM issue I noted at Mass Co is the failure to utilize the job assessment report to retrench or allocate people according to their potential. Nepotism is high to a level that employees associated with the top management could not be fired even after showing poor performance. Lastly, the top-down communication strategy has issues as the senior management implements new expectations or changes to departmental supervisors without organizing consultative meetings, which affects the managers’ ability in the lower cadres to share their insights.
Resolution to Issues
The majority of the HRM issues affecting Mass Co were half-solved. The top management took the responsibility of organizing a meeting, whereby they set new targets to the department. However, they failed to include departmental supervisors in this meeting, denying management the opportunity to see issues affecting it on the ground. The top management instead communicated to the supervisors at different departments regarding the specific targets they ought to achieve. However, in my view, the majority of the issues revolved around the HRM department, ranging from the lack of use of competitive processes of selecting and hiring employees, hiring the right workers, matching their abilities and experience with their jobs, and applying job evaluation results on merit.
As an assistant HR consultant, I would advise the company to follow the following steps in resolving HRM issues affecting it. Defining HR issues plaguing the company will commence the resolution process. Here, all HR problems affecting the Mass Co will be adequately listed and defined. Then, these issues will be clarified, where information with examples will be provided to prove their existence. Next step will involve finding the root cause of the problems that resulted in undesirable outcomes. Subsequently, I will help the HRM department set goals, where a desired future state will be identified. Then, I will guide the department to develop an action plan, which will capture the concept of generating actions required to resolve HR problems. Next, the HRM will execute the outlined action plan, which will be followed by an evaluation of results to determine the benefits of the action plan. Lastly, the department will continuously improve the positive outcomes of the action plan.
I will deploy a broad range of management theories while guiding the HRM department through issue resolutions. I will apply a compromising style of conflict resolution by encouraging different departments to share related problems while trying to search for common ground. I will also advise the top management to apply collaborative style, where they will be required to listen to supervisors while setting new targets to them. In the collaborative process between the senior management and supervisors, they have to discuss areas of agreement and find an amicable approach to attaining the new goals (Ferrell et al. ,322). By applying active listening, I will obtain a clear stance regarding why managers use a top-down management style, building my capacity to influence them to use a horizontal approach by influencing them to utilize emotional intelligence. By adequately using non-defensive communication, I am sure to motivate the top management to apply the horizontal style of managing the company.
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