[Recommended]ENC 1102 Argument Essay

ENC 1102 Argument Essay Assignment: Your assignment is to write, revise, and edit an academic argument essay in which you will utilize at least two…

ENC 1102 Argument Essay
Assignment: Your assignment is to write, revise, and edit an academic argument essay in which you will utilize at least two of the following argument approaches: Rogerian, Proposal, Ethical, Causal, or Definition. You will develop a research question and conduct scholarly research, utilizing five to seven credible database or book sources published within the last six years. This is a formal research paper. You will be writing three drafts of this paper, so choose a topic you are interested in and want to learn more about.
Steps for developing, researching, and writing your argument:
· Decide on a general topic, then narrow it to a specific topic. For example, legalizing marijuana is a general topic. Legalizing CBD (cannabidiol) in food and drinks is a specific topic. This is still a topic, though, not an argument. An argument will make a claim about the issue and discuss/support it in detail.
· Write a 1-2 page (1 complete page minimum) freewrite on the topic in your Comp Notebook. What do you already know about this topic? What do you want to learn more about regarding this specific topic? What are some questions or issues about the topic? What are some different perspectives on the topic? How would you define or explain the topic to those not familiar with it?
· Complete some preliminary research on your topic using Opposing Viewpoints in context or reference sources. What are the general issues involved? Does it look like you will be able to find sources from within the last six years on the specific topic/issue on which you have decided to focus?
· Consider which of the argument approaches might work best: Rogerian argument (win-win/compromise), ethical argument (something should or should not be done based on what is right or wrong), proposal argument (propose a detailed solution regarding the issue), causal argument (attempt to find causes or identify possible effects and takes a stand), and definition argument (how/whether something corresponds to the definition of a particular item or category of items). Include and refute opposing views.
Essay Requirements:
· You are required to utilize at least two of the argument approaches listed above in your essay.
· Use specific examples/evidence in each body paragraph to prove/support your claim and the claim in that specific paragraph. Utilize the means of persuasion (logos, pathos, and ethos–review in Practical Argument 108-109) and incorporate two of the stylistic techniques such as repetition of key phrases for emphasis, rhetorical question/s, metaphor, or analogy (review in Practical Argument 110-112).
· For a strong essay, follow the guidelines in Practical Argument Ch. 7 (p. 253, Planning, Drafting, and Revising and Argumentative Essay) and that we have discussed in class for writing effective intro, body, and concluding paragraphs. Use five to seven credible database or book sources published within the last six years. The sources must add to the essay in a meaningful way. Search the database sources such as Opposing Viewpoints in Context, ProQuest, or Academic Search Complete. You can also use books as sources—remember to utilize the index/table of contents to locate information within the book on your topic.
· Document sources correctly using APA format. To demonstrate an understanding of correct documentation, please include one block quote, at least one paraphrase, and at least one brief quote. Introduce all quotes with a signal phrase. Remember, in APA, if the author of the source is mentioned in the signal phrase, the year of publication appears immediately following the last name, for example: According to Dr. Emily Reed (2015), “a 2014 study suggests that children ages seven to twelve benefit from meditation as much or more than adults” (p. 105).
· The final version of the essay will be seven to eight pages in length (not including cover and reference pages). Please use standard APA format: 12 point font and 1” margins. You do not need to create an abstract for your paper.
Resources for assistance:
· Instructor Conference: In addition to the in-class session to work on your paper, during which I will be available to assist you with developing, revising, and documenting, I will be happy to meet with you to discuss your essay at any stage of the writing process during office hours or by appointment. You can also email me with questions any time (cbledsoe@fgcu.edu) and/or talk with me before or after class about your essay.
· Library Reference Desk: If you are having any difficulty finding quality sources that help you support/develop your argument, consult with the FGCU reference librarians: 239/590-7630 or http://library.fgcu.edu/RSD/askalibrarian.html
· Writing Center: If you need help focusing your topic, developing your argument, documenting sources, or revising for mechanics issues, visit the Writing Center: Library West 202. You can make an appointment at the following link or just drop in for a walk-in session: http://www.fgcu.edu/WritingCenter/ . I will replace one low or zero quiz/classwork grade with a 100% if you visit the Writing Center between now and when the final version is due. In order to earn the points, you will need to apply what is discussed in the session to revising your paper and have the Writing Consultant email me the session report.
· Example essay(s): Read/review the example argument essay in Practical Argument: Appendix B and the additional example argument essays posted on Canvas in the Modules section.
Due dates:
· Thursday, June 6: When your focused topic has been approved, either in class 6/4 or via email before 6/6, complete the 1-2 page freewrite and Exercises 7.3, 7.4, 7.6, and 7.7 (Practical Argument, p. 258-260) for your topic in your Comp Notebook as stated on the syllabus.
· Tuesday, June 11: Essay 3 draft 1 due. Peer Review 1 and Collaborative Writing. This draft is 4 pages minimum (page requirement does not include title and Reference page) and must include your two argument approaches and the opposition and refutation. Submit on Canvas and bring printout to class for Peer Response.
· Thursday, June 13: Essay 3 draft 2 due. Peer Review 2 and Instructor conferences. Requirements: This draft is revised based from draft 1, is at least 5 pages (page requirement does not include title and Reference page), and includes at least one of the stylistic techniques (see Requirements) and a draft Reference page as well. Before class, revise your draft based on peer response and the collaborative writing exercise. Bring sources or links to your sources and the completed Conference Protocol document.. Submit your revised draft to Canvas and bring a printout to class. You will have class time to work on revising/developing your drafts with assistance from the instructor.
· Tuesday, June 18: Essay 3 due. Submit substantially revised version to Canvas drop box and bring peer review documents and draft printouts to class. Underline thesis and number paragraphs. Highlight revisions from Draft 2.

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