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1: Problem Analysis The first of three capstone components is the comprehensive problem analysis, which should have four primary sections and demonstrate the knowledge and…

1: Problem Analysis

The first of three capstone
components is the comprehensive problem analysis, which should have four
primary sections and demonstrate the knowledge and skills you have honed
throughout the MS in criminal justice program:

I. Statement of the
Problem: Referring to your research, provide an overview of a criminal
justice issue and explain how it is affecting the community in your selected
city. Be sure to include the relevant criminological theories that apply.

 II. Analysis
of the Problem: Outline the scope of the criminal justice issue as it
applies to your selected city and criminal justice organization, using actual
data from your selected city and information about the organization in your
selected scenario to support your response. The analysis should include (but is
not limited to) the following:

A. Recurring
trends or patterns that city data reveals about the issue

B. External
contributing factors supported by research

C. Internal
contributing factors supported by details provided in the scenario

D. The root
cause of the issue

Literature Review: Use relevant scholarly bodies of work to perform a brief and
systematic literature review. You will research how the criminal justice issue
that you identified has been addressed historically, and what is currently
being done to address it in other communities. You should refer to
criminological theories as well as the best practices used by other agencies.
The outline of your literature review will should include the following:

A. Identify
two or three possible solutions to the issue that you are researching, along
with your reasoning for focusing on those approaches.

Methodology: Explain your search strategy and the selection criteria adopted
for this review, and provide descriptions of the types of research reviewed.

C. Summarize
the main findings of your research.

D. Draw
conclusions about which approach is the most appropriate for solving the issue
in your selected city.

Proposal: Propose a detailed solution to the criminal justice issue in your
selected city, explaining how this solution meets the needs of the community
and how it will impact your organization, including the following:

A. An
explanation of each step of your plan and how you came to your decision

B. The
overall goals of the proposal, including short term objectives and desired long
term outcomes

C. The
resources required for implementation, including staffing

 D. The potential challenges for implementation

 E. The expected effects on the culture of the

The second of three capstone
components, this professional presentation uses the information from your
problem analysis to demonstrate your communication skills and your ability to
disseminate information about your proposal.

This visual presentation should be
clear and concise and should present the logical reasoning behind your
proposal. Envision yourself giving this presentation to internal stakeholders
in your organization as you seek their support. Since you will not actually
deliver this presentation in person, you must create a presentation with
speaker notes or audio included. In addition to a compilation of key aspects
from your research into the criminal justice issue you identified, your
presentation should also include:
A. How your proposal supports the organization’s mission

B. What strategy you will use to
communicate the proposal to external stakeholders in your selected city,
including members of the community

C. Where you estimate the
organization and surrounding community will be 5 to 10 years after proposal has
been implemented
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