[Solution]Topic: Policy and Public health

Think of a more suitable (specific) topic to write about. The country to base on can be either Kenya or the US You are a…

Think of a more suitable (specific) topic to write about. The country to base on can be either Kenya or the US

You are a public health practitioner in a local public health agency. You have been directed to conduct a study in your community to determine the public health needs of your community and develop a legislative action plan to combat the problem and execute your public health strategy.

Public Health Intervention Design, Legislative Strategy and Advocacy Plan

Using the topic you selected for the policy review assessment, provide some brief research and statistical data that summarizes your issue and why a policy change is needed.

Public Health Strategy Development
Develop a brief public health strategy or intervention to address this issue.
Your strategy should be research-based using best practices discovered by researching the topic and public health initiatives proposed/executed in other states, counties, municipalities, etc.

Legislative Strategy
Imagine you’re ready to implement your program, but find that doing so requires legislation to be passed. Include a brief paragraph detailing why the legislation is needed. Example: xxxxx county sees a higher than average incidence of drunk driving. The public health intervention seeks to reduce drunk driving offenses. Additionally, the xxxxx General Assembly should pass legislation to increase penalties for operating while intoxicated offenses.

Advocacy Plan

Legal and Ethical Analysis
Apply the 6-step Kass Framework to your program.

Talking Points
Develop 5 talking points sheet that you would provide to your grassroots advocates encouraging the passage of your legislation.

Action Alert
Write an Action Alert that summarized your issue and legislative “Call to Action” for your supporters in 2 paragraphs.
Write an e-mail letter to legislators urging them to support your legislative request in 2 paragraphs. Be persuasive!

Committee Testimony
You are called before the Legislature’s Committee on Public Health and are asked to educate them on your issue.
Include a script that you would use to explain your issue and urge support.
The post Topic: Policy and Public health

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