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Thesis             The book “How Long Will I Cry” is a documentary that narrates the shocking amount of youth violence in Chicago that leaves every…


book “How Long Will I Cry” is a documentary that narrates the shocking amount
of youth violence in Chicago that leaves every person feeling heartbroken and
helpless the documentary is based on stories of real people directly affected
or involved in gang violence. While youth violence takes the center stage, the
theme of unconditional love is central in the book. This is demonstrated by the
courage of T-awannda Piper who rushes to save Derrion from mob beating.  Unconditional love is a major theme in “How
Long Will I Cry?” edited by Miles Harvey.

Thesis Outline:

Unconditional love involves
showing devotion to others’ welfare without judging or criticism

Unconditional love involves love
given freely without expecting anything in return The actions of T-Awannda at
the opening of the book is an exemplar of an unconditional love T-awannda Piper
runs and tries to save Derrion as her own from brutal mob beating no matter the
crime committed (Piper Para 20). T-Awannda’s actions portray her as having
altruistic love for everyone. The story of T-Awannda Piper, a community
activist who rushed out to try to save Derrion is filled by altruistic love. The
name of the Community Agape Center is symbolic. Agape means the unconditional
love of God.

New poor described in
terms of low expectation and declining sense of responsibility by parents and
adult figures

A different kind of poor described in
the book is that which is associated with fall in expectation due to changes in
family dynamics. The expectations of young people are going down and people who
are responsible for young people have gone down. Public aid has robbed the
families the ownership they once held with children. It has depleted parents of
sense of responsibility to their children (Piper Para 22). Leaving children to
their own devices opens doors to engage in deviant behavior. Young people see
no point to People feel less and less responsible Fall in expectation to perform
better in school, young people showing no respect for the adults. Expectation
to do better than the previous generation, expectation to perform better in
school, expectation that young people show respect for the adults, expectation
, expectation to respect the elders has really gone down.  

The call for action or
change demonstrates hope

Despite all the bad things associated
with the city of Chicago, there is hope. The sharing of personal stories and
experiences encourages people to take personal actions to reduce violence and
improve their conditions. Young people are doing what needs to be done to
change what needs to be changed and to shape their destiny. Young people can
take actions to better their situation with proposer support. All they need is
support and encourage and they would be future doctors, engineers, accounts,

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