[Recommended]Expansion of American Coffee Houses to Milwaukee Project

Expansion of American Coffee Houses to Milwaukee Project Project Charter V 2.0 Project Charter Statement of Work Amazing Coffee Houses (ACHs) Date Project Name Expansion…

Expansion of American Coffee Houses to Milwaukee
Project Charter
V 2.0
Project Charter
Statement of Work
Amazing Coffee Houses (ACHs)
Project Name
Expansion of American Coffee Houses to Milwaukee
Project Number
Project Team
Renovation of the leased building
Amazing Coffee Houses (ACHs)
Start Date:
January 20th 2019
Scheduled Completion Date:
July 4th 2019
Mission/ Purpose
The purpose of this project is the expansion of the Amazing Coffee Houses company, 81 miles away to the city of Milwaukee. Successful opening of this new brand we see overall expansion and growth of the company.
The strategic goals of ACHs include creation and launching of new products, enhancement towards customer conversion, acquiring of the better market positions, and an increase in the overall revenues, enhancing customer satisfaction and becoming a market leader. Launch and implementation of this new project will fit into these strategic goals in the following ways. Project implementation will allow customers to have a wide range of coffee flavors from dark roasted o white roasted. This will enhance the strategic goal of customer satisfaction. The strategic position of Milwaukee city close to the museum will aid a reception of many visitors both local and international. These are ways through which the project will fit organizational strategic goals.
This project is not a part of the program, but a larger project. This is because its impact will be felt in the entire organization. Projects that are meant to expand a company are not part of the program, but they are programs.
SOW: Project
Description and Project Product
Project description: the purpose of this project is to expand Amazing Coffee Houses to a new city, Milwaukee, as a result of an already well-developed brand name in Chicago. The project will also aid the achievement of the company’s strategic goals. This project will try to integrate the normal operations of the company despite its expansion. The project will create a higher job market due to increased demand, will create higher revenue, and finally, it will result in customer satisfaction due to the provision of all types of coffee.
Outcome products of the project are increased revenue, and customers will be taken care of even better.
The following will be undertaken to ensure completion of the project at high-level requirements (Muller, 2017). I am paying more focus and attention to the high-value tasks. Before commencing any activity, consider the extent of the positive outcome that the activity will bring. The temptation to begin with smaller activities need to be neglected at this stage. Secondly, I will have a dynamic task list. The tasks and activities that need to be looked should be updated regularly. Besides, the list needs to be revisited every now and again. Lastly, minimizing interruptions is also another strategy. The more interrupted time you get while undertaking project activities, the more delayed one becomes. Therefore their identification of activities that tend to interrupt the project, and then evade them is an alternative strategy.
The following are high-level deliverables that will result from this project. A gain of a better market position, increased customer conversion, establishment and launch of new products, increased revenues and customer satisfaction (Young, 2016).
This project is designated to expand America Coffee Houses company to Milwaukee city.
High-level objective statement: “expansion of ACHs to Milwaukee city to create a new twist for the café experience and increase sales by $ 125000 in the next three years and maintain a gross margin of 70 per cent.”
The goals required to meet this objective include the establishment of a coffee bar, creation of enough tables that can accommodate up to 50 people at once and construction of world-class washrooms in the newly acquired building.
Business Need
This project needs to be undertaken so that the customer experience in the cafes will be shifted to something else, far much better than what they are experiencing at the moment.
Through doing this project, the following will be gained. Increased number of customers resulting from the local and international museum visitors, increased revenue as a result of the increased number of possible customers per day, enhanced customer satisfaction resulting from the creation and launching of various coffee brands and lastly, become a market leader as all other aspects will seem to grow.
Yes, there is a financial reason for undertaking this project. There will be an increase in the amount of income that the company owner will be subjected to once the project is successful (Young, 2016). This will be due to the overall increase in the number of customers that the company will be handling. Besides, the project will lead to the creation and launch of new coffee products. This implies that there will be an increase in the number of coffee consumers. This will also have a positive financial benefits to the company.
i. The current state of the company will be analyzed, and the sources of challenges recorded down. Leading sources of income will as well be analyzed and documented down. This will be undertaken immediately before the new project begins
ii. Selection of the target company product and service that has have helped the company grow, and see if they can be applicable in the new branch to be opened at Milwaukee. This also needs to be done just before the project commences.
iii. I am gathering if the necessary resources and materials needed to undertake the project. The quantity of these resources and materials need to counter check.
iv. Re-visiting of the project documentation to fit into what is expected at the ground.
v. The official launch of the project, under the supervision of the project manager.
vi. Foundation and repair of walls to take less than two weeks.
vii. I am finishing and finalizing of the building to take less than a week and, followed by a thorough inspection from the relevant authority and stakeholders.
viii. Installation of the required facilities and assigning roles and responsibilities to various employees.
ix. The official launch of the branch, less than two months since construction and renovation commenced.
x. Evaluation and assessment of the facility activities, noting down the important aspects of operations.
Estimated Labor
Estimated Materials
Estimated Contractors
Estimated Equipment and Facilities
Estimated Travel
Total Estimated Cost
User Acceptance Criteria
The following criteria will be used in the monitoring and measurement of the project quality. Evaluation of the stakeholder’s satisfaction. Stakeholders are essential when it comes to getting the work done (Alexandre et al., 2018). Thus it is worth checking on them.
Secondly is an evaluation of the performance to a business case. Going back to check on what was agreed originally before commencing the project helps in checking the quality of the project. This gives the insight to check whether the project is in line with an initial agreement.
The following three aspects will be used in determining whether the project is a success or not.
i. Deliverable success: this aspect entails the number of business requirements met within the specified time.
ii. Process success: this is concerned with how the project was conducted including the project timeline, budgeting as well as project communication — for instance, and completion of the project within the specified date.
iii. Stakeholder’s success: this examines the success of the project collaborators.
High-Level Project Assumptions
The following assumptions were made regarding this project.
i. All the information required at the moment exists either in the data warehouse or in the customer profiles.
ii. The summarization and reporting of the information gained will be undertaken every week
iii. The correct processing activities will go on as they are in use at the moment.
iv. The branch to start getting profits immediately it is handed over
v. New brands of coffee to be created will gain a ready market
High-Level Project Constraints
The following are the limiting factors affecting the project (Varajão Colomo-Palacios & Silva, 2017).
i. The cooperate environment expects the implementation too soon than the company can manage.
ii. The new management must suit the existing one immediately the project is implemented.
iii. The company branch must be available for use immediately after the set completion date.
iv. The branch must be accessible by all individuals accessing the museum since they are the main targets.
Exclusions and Boundaries
i. Limiting cite works to weekdays alone
ii. A contractor is responsible for subcontracted work
iii. Contractor’s possession of the rights to contract services.
iv. Inclusion of pre-wiring and not air conditioning.
v. Failure to include refrigerators among the kitchen appliances
vi. Owners taking the landscaping responsibility
vii. Renovating the building to its initial buildup specifications.
Major Risks
i. Unplanned work that must be undertaken amid the project.
ii. Poor definition of the project purpose
iii. Poor control over the staff priorities
iv. Poor communication leading to lack of clarity and too much confusion.
v. Added workload
vi. The pressure to arbitrary minimize the project task burden
vii. Scope creep
viii. Pauses and legal action delays.
Work Breakdown Structure
Project: expansion of American Coffee Houses to Milwaukee
· 1.0 Project Management
· 2.0 Structural Work
· 2.1 renovation of the leased building
· 2.2 fixing the faulty aspects of the leased building
· 2.3 Install the additional structures needed
· 3.0 Electrical Work
· 3.1 Install additional circuit
· 3.1.1 Upgrade electrical service
· 3.1.2 Install separate circuit for computer and lighting
· 4.0 construction of modern bathrooms
· 5.0 handing over of the structure to the company
Project Core Team
· Development of SOW
· Coordination and working with project sponsors
· Developing system development lifecycle
· Preparing requirement documents
· Preparation and maintenance of the project plan
· Coordinating overall project activities.
Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) (What resources will you need with special expertise?)
· Attendance of the project team meetings
· Participation in user acceptance testing.
· Participation in project status meetings
Type Name
Project Manager Approval
Customer/Sponsor Approval
Alexandre, B., Reynaud, E., Osiurak, F., & Navarro, J. (2018). Acceptance and acceptability criteria: a literature review. Cognition, Technology & Work, 1-13.
Muller, R. (2017). Project governance. Routledge.
Varajão, J., Colomo-Palacios, R., & Silva, H. (2017). ISO 21500: 2012 and PMBoK 5 processes in information systems project management. Computer Standards & Interfaces, 50, 216-222.
Young, T. L. (2016). Successful project management. Kogan Page Publishers.
Amazing Coffee Houses

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