[Recommended]Data lifetime is a systems problem

Data lifetime is a systems problem Survey Projects MUST BE READY BY MONDAY JUN.17 In this project you will investigate cutting edge issues, developments, and…

Data lifetime is a systems problem
Survey Projects
In this project you will investigate cutting edge issues, developments, and breakthroughs in contemporary cybersecurity. You will read 6 scholarly articles, write a scholarly analysis of the articles you read. Please follow the guidelines below carefully:
Selecting Articles
1. Read a scholarly article from the list at the end of this section.
2. Read 5 more related, scholarly articles on the web. Please note. Not everything you find on the web is a scholarly source. Please stick to publications from conferences, journals, and well-reputed magazines. Not sure if your source is scholarly? Please consult your instructor.
Writing Survey Report
After reading the above articles, you will write a scholarly, critical analysis of the cybsersecurity issue under investigation. Please follow the following guidelines:
• Provide a 1-2 page summary for each of the papers.
• What is the problem addressed in the paper?
• Do you think the problem is important? Why?
• How does the paper address the problem? provide a summary of technical details.
• What are the contributions of the paper?
• What are the strengths and weakness of the paper?
• Your approach, if there is any.
• Any other points you want to make.
• Clearly written using your own words.
1. An Analysis of Private Browsing Modes in Modern Browsers http://crypto.stanford.edu/ dabo/pubs/papers/privatebrowsing.pdf
2. Guest-Transparent Prevention of Kernel Rootkits with VMM-based Memory Shadowing http://www.csc.ncsu.edu/faculty/jiang/pubs/RAID08 NICKLE.pdf
3. Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing.
4. Utility Based Anonymization for Privacy Preservation with Less
Information Loss
http://www.cs.sfu.ca/ jpei/publications/localrecoding-sigkddExp06.pdf
5. Inferring Privacy Information from Social Networks http://www.cobase.cs.ucla.edu/tech-docs/jmhek/inferring privacy isi2006.pdf
6. Database Security Protection via Inference Detection http://www.cobase.cs.ucla.edu/tech-docs/chen/ISISecurity.pdf
7. Cleartext Passwords in Linux Memory
8. Data lifetime is a systems problem
9. Shredding your garbage: reducing data lifetime through secure deallocation
10. Detecting Kernel-Level Rootkits Through Binary Analysis http://www.cs.ucsb.edu/chris/research/doc/2004 04.pdf
11. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Machine: Protecting Privacy with Ephemeral Channels https://www.usenix.org/node/170831
12. CleanOS: Limiting Mobile Data Exposure with Idle Eviction http://systems.cs.columbia.edu/files/wpid-cleanos-osdi2012.pdf
13. Integrity checking in remote computation http://staff.polito.it/mario.baldi/publications/2005AICA TF prototype.pdf
14. A Virtual Machine Introspection Based Architecture for Intrusion Detection (Sections 1-4, 8, 9). http://suif.stanford.edu/papers/vmi-ndss03.pdf
15. Are Usability and Security Two Opposite Directions in Computer Systems?
16. Do Security Toolbars Actually Prevent Phishing Attacks?
17. Towards Privacy-aware Location-based Database http://www-users.cs.umn.edu/ mokbel/papers/TowardsPrivacy2.pdf
18. Online privacy analysis and hints for its improvement
20. Security and privacy for implantable medical devices.
20. How Much is Location Privacy Worth? http://infosecon.net/workshop/pdf/location-privacy.pdf
21. Privacy-aware people-centric sensing http://www.ists.dartmouth.edu/library/399.pdf
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